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It's Popcorn Time...

It's Popcorn Time...
My son is selling popcorn to support his scouting adventures. After clicking on the image of the popcorn you should see his name at the top of the page. If missing let me know. Thanks for the support!

April 25, 2009

UPDATE: Read More

In my last post I talked about how I was editing the HTML so my post will have a read more feature. In that post I mention that I still needed to tweak the HTML, so that the read more feature would only show up on the post I wanted it to show up on. I also mention that I wasn't sure what it would do to my feed, after all I wanted my feed to stay full text.

Well I got code tweaked the best way that I can! NOW the read more link will only show up on the POST that I want it too. I thought that it would only show up on a post only if there was more then one post on the page, but that's not the cast. It shows up anytime I'm NOT on the post permalink, and only if I want that post to have the read more option. That's fine with me. It, also, DOES NOT effect the feed, so that's good!

In case you are wondering how I did this and how you can do the same then check out: Selective Expandable Post Summaries

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