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July 25, 2011

My Mommy going to be angry with you.....

That is what my nephew told me the other night when we sent him to bed a little early because of his behavior.  He tried to play us.  The kids asked him several times if he wanted ice cream. He said no. Once the kids were nearly finished their ice cream he right away said I want some. I told him no, because he was given a choice earlier and said no, so no ice cream tonight. He took it fairly well, even Superstar said. "Wow that went better then I thought it would".

Well it went well, because within 5 minutes of that he went to the my bedroom where my hubby was at and asked if he could have ice cream. Not only did he ask, but he told hubby don't tell Aunt Nikki. Well needless to say we don't tolerate those kind of things in this house. We don't tolerate it with our own children and we won't allow our nephew to play us like that either. So we sent him to bed early (20 minutes) as punishment for his behavior. That may seem steep to some, but it is what we did.  In the course of getting him ready for bed, changing into PJ, etc. My nephew said to me: "My Mommy is going to be angry with you! When she gets back from work (Iraq) she's going to yell at you for sending me to bed early". I then, very lovely, informed my nephew that mommy left him here because she wanted me to take care of him and that she left me in charge, so that means she's NOT going to be angry at me.

My sister has been in Iraq for the last 6 months. Although she was home for 2 weeks the first part of July . As a matter of fact she went back this last Thursday. So I've only have had my nephew since Thursday. Prior to my sister return he was at my mom's house because it twas her time with him. My sister for this deployment thought it best that he bounce between both homes on a 2 month rotation.

My nephew has also made it clear that he wants back at Oma's house because we make him take naps here. Which from talking to my mom I know to be true.  When it's 1 pm here it's nap time. I do go in and check on him 20-30 minutes after laying him down and if he was till awake I would let him up, but he has been out cold every day and has been sleeping till 4 pm.
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