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June 29, 2009

Safety Tats: Keeping Kid's Safe!

For more info see Safety Tats
PS: It's not just for phone numbers there are tats' for allergies!!!

Michael Jackson, Children, Homeschooling

Michael Jackson and Homeschooling? Really? I never thought I had much in common with the "King of Pop". I knew he had kids, but to be honest I didn't really pay that much attention to his children. It never crossed my mind! It's funny how death can draw things into the light things that we may not think about!

Who will take care of the kids? Where will they go to school? Or will they continue the education that they have now? Ideas that many of us don't think about!The reporters are all speculating who will raise and care for Micheal's kids. From the segment above I gathered that Michael Jackson's kids have been "homeschooled". It never crossed my mind that Michael Jackson would be a homeschooler! It never crossed my mind that Michael Jackson's kids were homeschooled!

The only thing I have to say is that I was disappointed by what I took to be a negative reaction to homeschooling from the middle guest. First I do know that Michael lived a shelter life and that he, like most celebs, tried to keep the kids out of the media. Second, even if they did go "to school" it wouldn't have been normal by any means because of who their father was!

Seriously I'm sure they would have wondered: Are they being friends with me because they like me? Or are they being friends with me because of who my father is? My Aunt is? My Uncles are?

Does anyone think that Obama's kids are having a "normal" childhood and are making "normal" relationship with other children just because they are "in school"? Do you think they can just have sleep-overs, or go to play date at the park with John and Jane?

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Heat Wave Over: Back To School!

Last week we had a heat wave, temperatures in the 90's. Not only that but when it gets hot here it gets sticky because of the humidity! So I canceled school! This week the temps are going to be a balmy low 70's! So we are going to have school this week! No school today, but tomorrow and the rest of the week we will do work! :)

June 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I have been awarded the Honest Scrap award by Alexandra from Happy Hearts At Home. Thank-you Alexandra for presenting me with this award: Honest Scrap

There are 4 steps that need to be taken in order to fully accept this award.

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Ten (more) Honest things about SAHMinIL

I've been awarded this award once already. Detail on previous award can be found here.
  1. My kids are 10 months apart. When they were younger it was very stressful for me and often I felt alone. However, I wouldn't trade them or what I went through for the world.
  2. I lost my Dad 1 week after my DS was born to a heart attack. (It left him in a comma for 4 years before he passed away). That and having 2 babies was horrible. All my family was always at the hospital, and I was home with babies. Some of the reason I was so alone.
  3. I've been married to my hubby for about 9.5 years. We are happy, but it hasn't been all roses. We've had to deal with issues of infidelity.
  4. It's easy to say that God has helped me through everything, but at times I wondered if He was really there.
  5. I'm a horrible housekeeper. It's something I struggle with! I know I mention that already, but it's worth saying again.
  6. I didn't always "believed" in the Church teachings, regarding things like abortion, BC, etc. I remember being 17 and say things like "Well I never would do it, but I couldn't tell you not to do it". I've come to realize that if something is wrong, it's just wrong! It doesn't matter who or what. Somethings things are truly black and white.
  7. Deep in my heart I would love to have more children, but the actions that my husband and I did out of FEAR, will forever prevent us from having more children.
  8. I have panic attacks almost daily. We have so many things gone wrong with this house. Things that we can't totally fix, things we can only do band aid things for: So I panic when something goes wrong or if I notice other problems. It's just not with the house, I will have a panic attack over not being able to find the phone, keys, checkbook, etc.
  9. I pray that I can find away to help supplement our income without loosing the ability to homeschool the kids. I know that money isn't everything. I know that we can't serve God and money. But at the same time, I don't want a ton of money. I just want to be able to do the repairs that need to be done around the house. Repairs that I know would help me feel better, and I'm sure they would help to reduce my panic attacks.
  10. Lastly, I struggle with my prayer life...
I would like to present the Honest Scrap Award to....

In my previous award I picked 7 people, and to be honest I don't know who else to pick. So what I will do is leave an open invite to all my readers! If you want to do this then consider yourself awarded by me! Just make sure you link back to me :)

Thanks Everyone for reading my blog and God Bless!

June 27, 2009

Entomophobia: Earwigs

We just have come to realize that our DD has an entomophobia. Her fear: Earwigs.

She is calling them "ear wax". She seen one today and flipped out so bad that she was crying uncontrollably. She kept saying:
"They are called ear wax, because they'll swarm up your arm and into your ears."

I have no idea where she got this idea from! It's just something that she came up with, on her own.

Although I just learn today, right before posting this and after my dd's breakdown, that there is actually an old wives' tale regarding earwigs.
Earwig, is derived from the Old English Δ“are, which means "ear", and wicga, which means "insect." The name comes from the old wives' tale that earwigs burrowed into the brains of humans through the ear and therein lay their eggs.

I know that my DD has never heard of this wives' tale. I just find it interesting that she took the name and reasoned for herself that is why they are called earwaxs I mean earwigs!

What also is interesting is that after her breakdown she seen a spider by our front door and said "Oh look a spider, that's no big deal" and just went about her business. I just don't know what it is about earwigs that freak her out.

Edit Add: I wanted to add this link to a page about Earwigs. Mainly for pictures of what earwigs look like. :)

June 25, 2009

Rediscovering Catholicism: Giveaway

Rediscovering Catholicism is a book written by Mathew Kelly. This book will surely uplift your spirits as it describes the importance of authentic Catholic Spirituality in today's world.

I have 2 brand-NEW copies to give away FREE today. (Retail value of these books are about $16). This give away is only open to those that live in the continental United States of America. (This is because I have to ship these books with my own money)

Seeing I have 2 books to give away I will have 2 winners! Each winner will receive one copy of the book.

In order to enter just leave a comment here in this post! That's it! Just leave a comment here in this post. All comments must be posted BEFORE 5pm on July 9th, 2009.

Winners will be announced here on My Adventures into Christian Homeschooling on July 15th, 2009. Once winners are announced, they will have 1 week to claim their prize. Failure to claim their prize will result in forfeiting the prize. They will be able to claim their prize by sending me a email. Details on where and how to send the email will be given when winners announced.

If you have any questions regarding this giveaway please don't hesitate in asking. All questions should be sent to SAHMinIL (Nikki) via email using the contact me link found in the menu bar at the top of the page.

PLEASE DO NOT post questions in the comment section, this is because a comment will be an automatic entry. Only ONE entry person please! You may not post entries for another person. Each person must post their own entry.

Thanks and Good Luck to everyone!

June 24, 2009

Obama, Abortion, Conception, Fatherhood

This was made when Obama was a Senator, but I think it's one of those food for thought moments.

So yes, Mr. President if fatherhood begins at conception, like you say, then when does a child become a son/daughter? Just think about it!

June 23, 2009

Heat Wave = No School

We have a bit of a Heat Wave here and with NO air conditioning it's a little sticky! Thus it's "hard" to focus on school work! So we've decided not to do school for the next few weeks so we can get pass this heat wave!

June 22, 2009

Aquasaurs Shed!

While DS was feeding his aquasuar spectacular he said "Mom I think spectacular has grown". I took a peek sure enough he did grow. Not only that but we noticed his "old dead skin" near by. Yep, Aquasaurs shed their skin. Well it's really not it's skin. It's the aquasaur (triops longicudatus) exoskeleton.

I took a minute to explain to my DS how exoskeleton means the bones are on the "outside". So what Spectacular did was shed his old bones. Okay I know it's not bones, but I'm explaining things for the first time to a 8 year old so I wanted to keep it simple. DS face turn all sour and he said "That's discussing. Interesting, but discussing!"

June 21, 2009

Toe Walking

My son is a toe walker! He always has been, and with him being 8 today, I'm starting to get concern about it. Actually I have been concerned for a while now, but I haven't been successful in getting my doctor to take me seriously. This year however I'm going to get the doctor to take me seriously! At least that is my plan!

I'm not sure why he is a toe walker. I personally have ruled out autism. Toe walking at times can be a sign of autism. I've read enough about autism to be confident that is not what is the cause of my son's toe walking. Not only has DS continue to toe walk all these years, but he has now starting to become clumsy and awkward in his walking and running.

I have over the years have mention my concern to the the Dr. However he has never taken me seriously. At every yearly physical I have mention that I'm concern and at every yearly physical I get told "He'll out grow it". Well he's 8 today and still hasn't out grown it and as a matter of fact it seems to be getting worst. DS is walking higher and higher on his toes. Not only that but when walking I'm starting to notice that he is walking with his toes turned into each other. He never did this before! DH told me that if our Dr won't take us seriously this year that we will just have to get a second opinion. However I'm not sure what kind of Dr. to go to for a second opinion. I know that our family Dr. really can't do anything for him. I'm sure that we will have to see a specialist. However, I'm hoping and praying that my Dr. will take us seriously so that we can get the referral to a specialist.

Not only do I want my Dr to take me seriously, but I hoping that it's not to late to for non-surgical options! The pictures I took of my son's feet is how they are all the time. This is what it is like when he stands, walks, runs, etc. It doesn't matter if he's shoeless or with shoes on he is always on his toes like the pictures here. Please pray that my Dr. takes me seriously when we see him July 17. Also pray that we have non-surgical options available to us. I really would hate to see my son have to have surgery because I failed him all these year. Failed to get a Dr. that would take us seriously.

June 17, 2009

Juvenile Dinosaurs: Jane and Homer

Mama it's Wednesday let's go see Jane and Homer! I wonder what other bones of Homer they have been working on.

Okay, so with that we were off to the local museum! EVERY Wednesday is FREE, and my kiddos know it. So when they ask to go, especially on a Wednesday we go! I don't think twice about it. It didn't hit me until today how BLESS we are to have this museum be so close. I mean there has been books written about jane. Not to mention the TV documentary "Jane: The Mystery Dinosaur" that has aired on the science channel. This is big stuff for a metro area in a middle of a cornfield!!

Today there were no workers in the lab, passed Wednesdays we have been bless to see them at work on Homer, but not today. Today however there was a craft and activities based on Native American Lifestyles, especially those that made the mounds that are also in the area.

Besides the crafts pictured below the kids also got to grind corn with rocks. (Of course I don't have pictures of all of that because I always forget to bring the camera.) After all it's just another normal Wednesday here! I LOVE FREE Wednesdays, and I HOPE and pray that the museum will continue to offer FREE Wednesdays.
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June 16, 2009

Aquasaurs: Spectacular

Back in Mid-May we had the kids double birthday party. We got our son aquasaurs and our daughter meat-eating plants. Both were kits. For the aquasaurs we were given eggs and for the plants we were given seeds. Of course seeds take time to grow, so were weren't expecting instant results. With the aquasaurs we were expecting to see little aquasaurs in 1-3 days.

When you set up the aquasaur kit you use 1/2 of the eggs. So we put in the first 1/2 waited about 6 days and after seeing NO results we added the other 1/2 and waited 6 days still no results. We figured we got a bad set of eggs and told the DS I would order more eggs to try again when I order DD her caterpillars. (She also got a butterfly kit for her Birthday).

Well I haven't order new eggs yet and I haven't clean out the aquasaur tank. It's been on my to do list. Well just now DS noticed that he has an aquasaur in his tank! I have no idea how long it's been there! So I'm not sure if it's going to "live" much longer of if we have killed it with shock! As soon as we noticed him we removed some of the icky water and put in fresh water. We also added a small bit of food. Like I said we don't know how long he's been there!

We should have seen movement and animals the first week of June and like I said we saw nothing then. So now with it being mid June who knows. Maybe they hatched and we just couldn't tell. Or maybe this one is a late bloomer! LOL. I'm just glad that I didn't clean out the tank now. LOL

Either way we know he's here now and perhaps we shouldn't have wrote them off so soon! For my DS sake I hope this little aquasaur that DS named Spectacular will live for a few more days at least!!! Below is a video of the little aquasaur narrated by me. (So for all those that have been wanting to hear my voice now you can LOL)

June 14, 2009

Public Schools, Homeschoolers, Socialization

FYI: This post is a bit of a rant. So don't say I didn't warn you. What follows is MY OPINION! So please keep that in mind!

Every now and then I get this urge to truly share my opinions, this is one of those moments. Those that have followed my blog from some time know that I'm a newbie homeschoolers. Our kids did go to public schools. We are still friends with several of the families that we met via public schools. It's funny we purposely bought our house because of the public schools. We live in a pretty big metro area, in the middle of cornfields, and we didn't want our kids going to the neighboring public school district. The neighboring school district is a royal mess, so we knew we had to avoid that area, thus we bought were were are now.

As I have mention before I have always wanted to homeschool, but I didn't have my husband's support. Seeing I didn't have his support I couldn't pursue homeschooling. My husband's biggest issue with homeschooling was his fear of lack of socialization for the kids. He wanted to be sure they socialization with other kids. Which in all honesty made sense at the time. After all we had only 1 car, a car I could not drive, because it was a stick, and he took the car to work everyday. Even if I had found a group, I wouldn't have had a way to get the kids to the group gatherings. So we left it at that.

Then after 2 years of having our kids in the public school system. We realized that it wasn't working for them. It wasn't the best we could offer them. Homeschooling became an option that we would look into. We had 2 cars now. So I can drive the kids places. We also decided that we would give homeschooling a 2 year trial and if it didn't worked out we would send the kids back to public school.

As I've said we don't have an issue with public schools; it just wasn't what was best for our kids at the time. Why? You wonder. Well mainly because the teachers were teaching to the middle, which is what they have to do. As a result our kids weren't getting what they needed in certain subjects especially reading and math. DD wasn't grasping the math, and DS was being held back with the reading. It's easy to say just work with them after school, but it wasn't easy. The kids were "done" with school by the time they got home at 3:00 pm. We already had their homework to do, so trying to add on extra study stuff was an up hill battle with them. It really was because they were done with "school" They spent 7:00-3:00 pm @ school. It was a long day! It was the same way for kindergartners too.

The other issue we were dealing with was the "socialization" that they were being exposed too. Our DD (kindergarten) would come home wanting to know when she can start wearing makeup, getting her eyebrow waxed, and a bikini wax. Why was she asking us these things? She was asking because that is what her classmates were talking about and doing! Yes kindergarten girls were going to school with make-up on! They're moms had taken them to the salon for eyebrow waxings and bikini waxings. Was this covenant socialization that we were wanting for our kids? NO. I knew I had to deal with these things, but I figured that would happen in 4th-6th grade. I just wasn't prepare for that to happen at kindergarten and knew in our heart that there has to be something better....that something better for us was homeschooling!

This means that I have better control over how my kids spend their time. They can spend more time on those subject that they need more help with and less time on those subjects that come easily. It also means I have better control over who my kids spend their time with.

Does that mean I want my kids to only be around homeschoolers now? NO, of course not, and to be honest I'm really getting sick to my stomach with the generalized comments I'm reading regarding homeschoolers and public school students. Those comments include things like "homeschoolers behave better, you can tell when a child is homeschooled because they have social skills, they play better together"

I'm getting sick to my stomach with we are homeschoolers therefore we are better then you attitude that I'm seeing from fellow homeschoolers in my area. I've seen homeschoolers in my area that have seriously frown on kids being in y-care, so much so that they will not allow their kids to play at a playground just because those public school kids are there.

All of this attitude is sicking! Let's be honest! It wasn't the public school fault that my daughter's kindergarten classmates were wearing make-up. That came from the parents! It's not the public school fault that kids are into YouTube, internet, PS2. That came from the parents! A parents' involvement or lack of involvement is what shapes our kids. It's not the child's fault that they are in y-care or daycare. They are there because often the parents are working. Often because they feel they don't have any other options, especially if they are a single parent. Sometimes parents don't have options. Sometimes both parents have to work just to pay the bills, because of their income, debt, trying to keep up with the Jones. We don't know why both parents are working, nor should we cast stones and write off every parent that does work and/or send their kids to public schools as bad parents.

Just because a child goes to public school doesn't mean they are bad kids. We because of our local public school system have met several wonderful families. Families that we are proud to call friends. Children that my kids enjoy playing with...honestly to see these kids interact with each other you would never know it was a mix of homeschooling and public school kids. They ALL play well with each other. They ALL care deeply about each other. They ALL try to included the whole group! Why? Because that is how the parents are! We as adults care deeply about each other. We as adults have taught our kids to do that. It's not an result of homeschooling or public schooling, it's a result of parenting!

My first and primary job is MOM! I share that with any other mother regardless of where their kids go to school. I share that with any other mother regardless of she works or not. Being a mother is a blessing from God and when we embrace that blessing we see wonderful fruit. I know because I have people tell me all the time how thoughtful my kids are. Even my kids' public school teachers would comment to me all the time on how wonderful my kids were. How they were full of compassion, caring, loving attitudes.

I had my DS public school 1st grade teacher share wonderful stories with me regarding my kids. She would tell me how my DS, in May, would walk into the school with my DD. The two of them would go to his locker. He would put his stuff away, then would walk my DD down to her classroom. When they got to my DD classroom he would kiss her on her forehead and then walk back to his classroom.

I'm so thankful that my DS 1st grade teacher was a wonderful lady, a grandma herself, who could see the love my kids had for each other and allowed my DS to walk his sister down the hall to her classroom. All the teachers knew and thought it was so cute and great to see a loving big brother! A few times my son's teacher would watch them the whole time and realized that my son was doing it because he genuinely cared about his sister and it wasn't used to buy time, or to goof off, because he wouldn't play in the halls. Thus she allowed it all year, even the last day of school this what my son did. That is what also lead me to homeschooling. I didn't want my kids to loose that bound with each other. Clearly my son didn't get any slack from his classmates about walking his sister down to her room, but I couldn't guarantee that his classmates in 2nd grade would be the same way.

Socialization is always a hot issues. It's not a public school issue or a homeschooling issue. It's a parenting issue!! We need to be better parents! What social skills a child has or does not have is NOT a result of where they go to school, it's a result of the parenting that is done (or not done).

June 13, 2009

Loose Teeth and Children

It is a given when you have a 7 and 8 year old in the house, you are going to be dealing with loose baby teeth. My kiddos have swallowed their baby teeth, so you would think I've seen or heard it all when it comes to loosing baby teeth. However DD (7) prove me wrong with this one liner today!

DS (almost 8) baby bottom baby tooth is very loose. So loose that I caution him NOT to swallow it while he's eating popcorn at the movies. In the course of that discussion DH asked him if he could try pulling it out. DS said NO!!! So I then asked if I could try and DS said "Yes, Mama you can".

As I'm trying to see if I can get DS baby tooth out, DH asked "why can't I try? Why is it always Mommy?". Well DD had an answer for him. Her answer was: "That's because you'll kill us!!"

Enough Said...

June 12, 2009

Do you want to know more about me?

If the answer is yes then check out this interview that I did for Daily Blessings. Thanks Judy for the interview. It was fun!

June 10, 2009

It's Artificial Air!

Sometimes the kids say the darnedest things! This one had me in stitches! DD is 7 and DS will be 8. This conversation took place in the car today on the way to the park. Not only were we in the car, but they were playing with some bubble wrap. (popping the bubbles).

DS: Mom how do they make bubble wrap.

I gave him my explanation which basically is there are two sheets of plastic one with cup and one without and they fuse the sheets together trapping the air inside the cup making a bubble. I really don't know if that is how it's made but I'm sure I'm not to far off of the truth.
DD: That's bad
ME: Why is that bad?
DD: It's trapping the air and we need the air to breath
DS: It's not bad, there's lots of air. It's okay
ME: It really is okay, it's no different then blowing up a balloon.

I had to throw that out there, it seems to me like a logical comparison.
DD: It is different! You fill a balloon with artificial air!
ME: No, that's not artificial air.
DD: Yes it is!! You breathe in air and blow out artificial air! See! She proceeded to give an example of breathing. In air out artificial air.

She then explained on how it's okay to fill things like balloons with this artificial air, but not okay to trap real air for bubble wrap. DS is taking all of this in. I'm laughing, he's listening. So...
DS: It's okay sis, just pop all of the bubbles and the air will come out!

LOL Okay now I'm truly in stitches! DD is worried about real air being trapped and DS is tell her to pop all of the bubbles to let the air out! LOL

So just remember you breathe in real air and breathe out artificial air. I'm sure her statement had to with some basic knowledge of how we breath in air and breath out carbon dioxide and how plant take in carbon dioxide and release air.

Free Catholic VBS program: At Home

It's summer time which for many means VBS time! Vacation Bible School is a fun time for many, but what are Catholic-Children to do? Are there "Catholic" VBS programs? Do we send our kids to a non-Catholic program? It's not always easy to decided what to do when it comes to VBS or any other programs that are out there. We want our children to enjoy the benefit of VBS, but often we run the risk of "confusing" them with things that might not be "Catholic".

I don't have any issues with non-Catholics, and I don't want to come across the wrong way. So I'll take a moment to explain myself. First we share many beliefs with Non-Catholic, Trinity, Faith, Hope, Grace, 10 commandments, Bible, Heaven, Hell, just to name of a few. However at the same time we have different opinions when it comes to communion, Eucharist, salvation, etc. It is because of those difference that I don't send my child to a non-Catholic program. It's not that I feel it's wrong, I just don't feel it's the best place for MY child to be. I don't want to sending them confusing signals. It's different when they are older, but at this young age I feel that their feet should be firmly planted in what Catholicism teaches before exposing them to other faiths including other Christian Faiths.

It's a lot like reading or doing math. You have to understand the alphabet or be able to count before you can read words or add numbers. You read simple words or do simple addition problems before reading long words and doing multiplication problems. You start at the beginning and build your understanding up. I feel the same way with religion. I want my kids to have a good starting point, a good basic understanding of Catholicism before exposing them to other faiths. It is for that reason I don't send my kids to non-catholic religious programs.

It was for those reasons outlined above that I was thrilled to have come across Holy Heroes and their 2009 Summer-Catholic VBS program. It really is more of a Catholic VBS Kit, seeing they send you everything you need via email to run VBS from the comfort of your home and backyard!

When you register you will be given the option to select a week starting in July for them to send their daily (5) emails to help you run the VBS. The emails will include short videos, activities, prayers, songs, all-new coloring pages, quizzes, and puzzles, everything you need to have VBS!! Not only that it's FREE!!! So what do you have to loose? Nothing really!

We've registered our family! Our VBS will be for the week of July 20-24, 2009. Perhaps some of my readers will like to join us that week and we can talk about we did, our kids reactions, the kids can converse and share their input all in our Forum Section! I have added a topic in the forum section just for VBS 2009!!

June 9, 2009

5 things I'm thankful for today

1) God

2) My children

3) cable-internet

4) coffee

5) good friends

Thank-you Judy for hosting this meme.

Boys Deodorant

As many of my faithful followers and subscribers know my DS is going to be 8 in a few weeks (days). This might seem like I'm jumping the gun here, but as we all know everyone is different!!

So the last few days I've noticed that my DS has got some BO going on. Nothing "horrible", but enough for this mom to noticed, especially when he's hugging on me. At first I just chucked it up as him needed a bath, but even after that I'm still noticing a slight and I mean slight order. Could it be? Already at 8? Okay, not 8, but when? My mind wonder these things! It was time for a google search!!

Well I learned that boys can start puberty as YOUNG as 9 (and the girls can start as YOUNG as 8). Okay first I had to wrap my head around that as young as 9 (boys) and 8 (girls). Did I mention that mine were 8 and 7!! One year from now? Really? What?? I also learned that BO can happen BEFORE puberty. So, DS has BO at 8....I guess it can be "normal". Young but normal. One thing my DH said to me (he's so wise) is that deodorant has nothing to do with the "birds and bees". So we don't have to go there just because we are dealing with BO.

During my google search I also learned at this young age that it's better to use a plain deodorant. No antiperspirant, just deodorant. We found one today that is all natural, not that I was looking for all natural, it just the market for "teen" or "pre-teen" boys is basically non-existent. DS didn't like the musk, sport, or any of the other "men" smells in all the "men" stuff. What we got yesterday is Tom's Natural Deodorant. DS liked the smell of it, so that's what matters. My boy is growing up!!

We will save the birds and bee talk for when DS gets older. Just one hurdle at a time! Today BO and hygiene tomorrow the birds, bees, and girls! LOL

June 8, 2009

Reminder Lesson Plans/Google Reader

I just wanted to remind everyone seeing school is back in session for us I do have our lesson plans posted on my website. The direct link to those lesson plans are found in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Also I just want to say THANK-YOU to each and everyone of you that are regular readers of my blog! I'm honored to have 30 followers and OVER 40 subscribers! I am truly humbled that each and everyone one of you have become regular readers of My Adventures into Christian Homeschooling!!!

I know that it's hard at time to keep up with all that is happening in the blogosphere that is why I love to use Google Reader! I know there are other readers out there, but with Google Reader I can read the blogs I FOLLOW (via Google friends connect) and Subscribe to in ONE place! Not only blogs, but news feeds, updates on my favorite websites, etc. If you don't use a reader already, then I HIGHLY suggest that you do. It makes things so much easier!!

June 6, 2009

Rained Out: No Zoo

For those of you that have peaked at my calendar (link in the menu bar above) you may have noticed we had plans to go the zoo today. However, we got rained out! NO zoo today!

Yesterday, however was a beautiful day and we took our school work to the local-state park. We even got to have lunch with DH yesterday. The park is a 2 minute drive from his work, so he met us there for lunch over his lunch break.

The kids did their work, played on the playground, talked with daddy, and after daddy left we went hiking in the woods. I, true Nikki-Style, didn't have my camera on me! Having the camera always pop in my head after the fact! I should have had my camera, because the kids favorite place to go hiking is where there is the 3 story rock face with stairs! They love climbing the stairs, and well with me being at the weight I am (5'7" and over 300 lbs) it nearly kills me every time! (I love them and it is because I love them that I nearly kill myself walking up the stairs on this face cliff) Some day I'll have pictures of that to share with you!

After the park, we came home and "hung" around the house, or should I say "tree".

Not only did I get a picture of that, but I did get a snap shot of the flowers up by my front door.

June 5, 2009

Got Milk?? Road Trip Any One??

This is little video is about a dairy farm in Indiana. Lots of cows, lots of milk, it looked like it's a cool place to visit. Perhaps a road trip is in our future.

June 3, 2009

Word Problems for 3rd Grade Math

Our first week of our new year is going well. The kiddos are enjoying the work and we are getting through it at a pretty good rate. Of course the first weeks back are in some ways review so it's pretty quick.

DS, math problems confused me today and I'm not sure how to find the answer, other then making a calendar (and that's what we did). I took the easy way out today. Now mind you it's the 3rd day of 3rd grade so I'm really not sure what they expected him to do.

I'll give you the word problem here: (We are using MCP: Mathematics Level C)
In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November. What are the earliest and the latest dates on which this holiday can fall?

The following word problem for the day had to do with Canada's Thanksgiving:
In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October. What are the earliest and latest dates on which this holiday can fall?

There was a total of 10 word problems today and these, listed above, were the last two of the day. He was able to use the steps for the other 8 problems today easily. These last ones confused him, and me, so I told him just to draw out a calendar and do it that way. I'm sure there is a way to do it mathematically, but I was lost on how to do it on a 3rd grade level.

The steps they expect the kids to do are
SEE: What do you need to find?
PLAN: What you need to do?
DO: Follow the plan?
CHECK: Does your answer make sense?

I don't have teacher manual for the book, but for the most part I don't need it! It's just these word problems above really stumped me today! So how would a 3rd grader solve these problems without making a calendar?

June 1, 2009

Free Movies @ the Theaters

If you are bless to have a Kerasote Theater near you then my MIGHT be able to enjoy FREE movies @ the theaters! Here is a link to a PDF from Kerasote outlining what movies are available, when they are available, and what you have to do! I've done this last year and I can tell you from experience be there as soon as the doors open. Seeing it's first come first serve.
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