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April 15, 2009

Kids Bowl Free Every Day All Summer!

WOW!!! Your kids can bowl free, every day, all summer long! Check Out: kidsbowlfree.com We are blessed to have a bowling center near us that is a part of this program. I hope that you have the same! Let's go bowling!!!


  1. RATS...none by us.
    HOWEVER, TWO of the participating allies are VERY NEAR my parents' house in PGH!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Rats indeed Judy. Well I believe I read on the website that if a local bowling ally was NOT apart of this you can take some info (the website gives the URL for the info) to your local bowling ally. To see if they would be willing to join. Perhaps there isn't a bowling ally near you because they simple don't know about the program. Right a thought?

    Or you cold just register at the one near your parents and send the kids there! (for weeks at a time LOL)...although I don't know if your Dad's health could handle that right now.


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