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November 28, 2010

Summer Reading = Ice Hogs Game

Our local library like many local libraries across the nation had a summer reading program. For participating and doing the summer reading program our children earned FREE tickets to an Ice Hogs Game. Hubby and I had to pay for our tickets to go with them, but the kids did earn their FREE tickets by reading over the summer. So last night we went to an Ice Hogs Game!

On the way there I took out the camera and took some snap shots. I got told right away from the children "Oh no it's the Mamarazzi!" "The Mamarazzi is WORST then the Paparazzi. Hide don't take the picture." Thus the reason of the hands up look.
Of course we all started to laugh and my husband kept asking in between laughter how do you know about the paparazzi, but I don't think his question ever got answer.

Being the Mamarazzi does that mean I take to many pictures of my kids? Are you a Mamarazzi? If so perhaps we can have a support group! LOL!! "It's the Mamarazzi!"

The Ice Hogs lost (5-0) but we still had a good time. At the first break they were throwing free T-shirts into the audience and we got one! Hubby was the one who caught it! Hammy, the teams mascot also came our way, but I wasn't able to get his picture when he stopped and waved at us.  We didn't get home until after 11 pm last night!
Thankfully there was no CCD (Religious Education) this morning. That allowed us to sleep in so we can go to Mass tonight.  Next Sunday Superstar, the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Superstar will be serving as an Alter Server. This will be his first Mass as an Alter Server.

November 21, 2010

Here I thought a Picture was worth a thousands words....

I can't believe I got slammed by an anonymous poster for my last post "I'm a Mistress". If they would have taken to the time to LOOK at the picture and READ the caption they would have SEEN I was pointing out the fact that Mrs. is a contracted form of Mistress!!!  As I said in that post, don't believe me look it up in the dictionary! So yes I'm a Mistress (i.e. Mrs.) and I'm PROUD of it!!!!!!!

EDIT ADD: So after all of this I went to Hubby and told him I can't believe I got slammed, and before I could really tell him what anonymous said he told me. Hubby did it to raze me some as a joke. He knows I moderate comments and THOUGHT I would tell him about anonymous posting before I actually publish it. So he THOUGHT he was going to be able to tell me, "Hey Nikki that's just me giving you a hard time!"

He wanted me to share with readers cause it was NEVER his intent to cause drama on my blog. He sincerely thought I would tell him about the post before posting it and that it really would have never been published. He just was looking to give me a bit of a hard time over it and never meant to hurt my feeling or anything like that.

I told him if he would have posted as himself I would have realized it was him just trying to give me a bit of a hard time. :) I do LOVE my hubby and he does LOVE me! This was a just a joke that went wrong.

November 20, 2010

I'm a Mistress and proud of it!

Mrs. (mi'iz) n. A title prefixed to the name of a married woman: a contracted form of Mistress.

Don't believe it! Look it up in a dictionary like I did!

T/H: Bedlam

November 18, 2010

Watching A Science Video

What?!? You didn't say HOW we had to watch it!

November 16, 2010

Shaving Cream Gone Wild

I know I've mention before we do lot of writing in shaving cream. Well this is what happens when it gets a little wild! Yes, even at 8 and 9 they have their moments were they are a bit like toddlers with the shaving cream! This isn't how it is normally here, because I normally stop it before it goes out of hand.

November 15, 2010

Boy banned from flying US flag from his bike.

I seen this story just today. A middle school boy, in California, was told he could NO longer fly the American flag from the back of his bike because it OFFEND some people. At least that is the story behind the video posted today on YouTube of a 13 year-old boy riding his bike to school with an escort of at least 100 other bikers.

I did research the story some and did find out the the boy indeed was told he could not fly the flag because some students did indeed complain about it.  The out cry, phone calls to the district as far as Afghanistan, and the community support has made the Superintendent apologize for the banned. The boy is allow to fly his flag now.

I don't understand what was the nature of the complainant was. From what I can tell it the American Flag wasn't affixed to the bike in a bad way. Who would have thought that in AMERICA a student would be banned from showing pride in his country, its veterans, and being patriotic?

Online Townhall meeting w/Al Gore and Mythbusters

On November 17 at 11 am CT, join host former Vice President Al Gore, inventor Dean Kamen, astronaut Sally Ride, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Discovery Channel's "MythBusters" and young people from around the world for an interactive discussion exploring youth attitudes on math and science, and what these subjects mean for future success. This online townhall meeting would be for those middle school age students, about 11-14 year old, that have an interest in math, science and the future of our nation.

Math, Science, and the future of our Nation
Date: Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010
Time: 11 am Central

For more information please see Connect A Million Minds

T/H: I-HOPE: Illinois Homeschoolers for Open Peaceful Education


Lately Web-princess has been seeking some solitude and frankly I don't know what to make of it. I find her often in her room alone with a nose in a book or playing quietly with her toys. Even yesterday with Grandpa here she hung out in her room alone.

She seem happy and last night when we asked her why she didn't want to join the family in the living room. We got I much rather be alone in my room where it's quiet so I can read, draw, etc.

On one hand I'm glad that she has taken an interest in reading. I doubt because of her reading abilities that she is truly reading the books she's has stuck her nose in, but she trying and seems content looking at the page and doing her best to make out the words.

Last night after hours of being alone in her room she emerged with a book and ask if I would read it to her. I said yes, so we went into my room, snuggled on my bed and read. She insisted that she turn the pages and was truly following along, because at one point I repeated the same line 3-4 times and she said mom it said this. She read the line I was on and the line right after it, fluently and just fine. I was a bit surprise she read that well, because we still struggle with words and her lexile score is 200. For her age/grade level she should have at least a lexile score of 500.

So we have a way to go. I know we do, but at the same time April of 2010 her score was below 100. So we have made HUGE progress the last few months. For that I'm thankful. We have been doing a lot of mommy read, books on tape, and following along as the tape or mommy read. We have been playing phonics games and she has been reading to mommy or daddy.  The phonics games we play are card games so she has the physicals cards to manipulate. That helps her the most!

We even have been playing scrabble too. Although the traditional scrabble is a bit hard for the kids, because spelling is still weak spot for them. So we have been thinking about getting scrabble slam or scrabble flash. Do any of you have these scrabble games? Are they any fun? Do you think they would help with spelling/reading? Do you think the kids would enjoy either of them better then traditional scrabble?

November 2, 2010

Trying Different Types of Milk

Over the next few weeks and months we will be trying different types of milks. Today we tried Soy and Almond Milk.  I video taped the children's reaction to today's milk trial.

We plan on trying others over the next few weeks and months. So if you have any suggestions for us on WHAT to try please send them our way!
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