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April 9, 2009

Reading The Bible

Over the last year (or two) I have loosely followed a 365 day reading guide. I haven't done as well as I would like, but perhaps I should take notes from my son!

Followers to my blog know that over the weekend my DS received his first communion. He, not only received communion, but he received several gifts from relatives and friends. One of these special gifts included a Bible. The Bible he received, according to my mom, is the same Bible that is used by the students at our local Catholic-High School. (My mom used to work at the one and only local Catholic book store that parents, school staff, and local Catholics shop at: so she would know what is used at the local Catholic School~ LOL~)

Well he received this Bible and has decided on HIS OWN that he will read a chapter a night. He made this decision on Sunday Night. So as of last night, Wednesday Night, DS has read Genesis Chapters 1-4 and has plans to continue reading until he's done with the WHOLE bible. (The Catholic-Christian Canon)

Does anybody know exactly how many days that will take? Remember he's just reading 1 chapter per night.

As for the actual reading, DS is doing every well. There are a few words he does not know especially the larger words. He has taken turns to actually read the passages to either myself or my DH. So he's really reading it! The first night he read to my DH and DH started to correct him on the words he was getting wrong, those larger words that are harder for him to read.

This correcting really bugged my DS so much so that he said "Dad just let me read! I don't need you to correct me! I just want to read". DH decided to back off and let it go and I have taken my DH's lead on this one and I just let it go myself. I'm puzzled and amused on how DS can read and pronounces words like "garment", "cherubim", and "desirable" correctly, but misreads and mispronounces words like "serpent", "garden", and "childbearing".

Why is that? Is it wrong to just let him read and NOT correct his errors?

I'm just so glad that he has decided on his own to read the Word of God, that I don't want to spoil it for him, because he knows how special these Words are.

So tell me what do you think?

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