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May 30, 2010

Abortion In Rockford, IL. A New Low!

Today is a sad day for me. I've learned that Fr. B is being resigned to  a new parish several miles away. :(. On the way out he asked "Have you seen it in the blogosphere today?".  I replied "No, Father I haven't been on yet today".

He said it's there the pictures and everything and I think this time it will make national news. You see the local abortion clinic has hatred for those that choose to stand outside in front of the clinic in prayer.  They have posted horrible things in the windows of the clinic before as I have shared here on this blog and in videos on my website.

Well the clinic employees have hit a new low. They, the employees, have taped signs to Father's car saying "I Rape Children" and they have also egged his car. All because he has chosen to publicly pray in front of this abortion clinic while it's in operation. More details about this story can be seen on Fr. Z's Blog, including pictures! (Warning, the signs may not be suitable for young children)

In a few short weeks Fr. B will be moving to his new parish and I'm afraid that the abortion clinic employees will think they have "won", because I'm sure they'll will have noticed Father's absent. When in reality he just moved! Please Pray! Please share this story!

EDIT ADD: Father's new assignment has nothing really to do with what happen at the abortion clinic. It's just our diocese regularly moves priest every few years and it just so happens to be the time for Father to be moved. Of course this is always at the Bishop's discretion. Sometimes they move sooner sometimes they move later.  I only mention it because I'm sure the abortion clinic will notice he's no longer there when his move takes place.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. If we all keep praying, maybe this kind of hatred and fear will be put to rest once and for all.

  2. You're right AlbertaMama we ALL need to pray. Thanks for leaving a comment and for the prayers.

  3. Disgusting :( That clinic is easily the most evil that I've heard of. Prayers for Fr B and all those brave people who pray at clinics.

  4. You may be right Katie. Thanks for commenting today :)

  5. Weirdly enough this is a good sign! It proves that the abortion industry is fueled by demonic influence and posession.

    These horrid signs, in repsonse to the prayers of exorcism etc, are clearly demonic. They are so over the top and vicious that they can only be the response of demons (influencing those within) that are decidedly afraid!

  6. coffee catholic-Thank-you for sharing your thoughts here and for stopping by.

  7. Oh, stories like these just make me sick to my stomach. I'll definitely be praying for Father B...that must be really awful to endure, and will also say a prayer for those who work at that abortion clinic.

  8. Yes, Thank-you Angela. We must remember that everyone involved needs our prayers, including those that work at clinics like this one.

  9. This is so sad... We have good news tho. the new center in Madison, WI that was going to do late term abortions is not going to be doing them now. We must all keep praying.

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