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December 10, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

This past Friday we had to say good-bye to our beloved dog, Gravy!  Gravy was a part of our family for 9.5 years. He would have been 10 in April and would have celebrated 10 years with us in June.

He was an awesome dog and the kids' best friend. He loved the kids, loved walks, and in his younger years playing chase.  Over all he was a good dog and loyal to his family.  Sure, I hated the fact he would get into the trash (if we didn't lock it up) or food from the counter/table when we were gone! He never did this while we were home.  Sure, I hated the fact that he would break the window and bust out if we walked down to our neighbor's house WITHOUT him!  He never did this if we drove! Just if we walked anywhere. So if we went walking and didn't want him to come with we would have to put on a lead in the backyard. Of course he would then bark the whole time.

Despite these flaws over all he was a good dog and actually stayed in our yard as long as WE didn't leave the property ON foot! Our backyard is completely fenced, but we always leave the gate to the front yard open. So he could have left the property, but didn't. He stayed in the backyard unless someone pulled in our drive or we were out front.  He had to be with us or go greet the person that pulled in.

Seeing he was lab/collie mix his size would scare delivery people when they would come by, especially if he greeted them at the driveway before we could get outside. We would tell people all the time he's just a noise maker. That's the truth really, he was just a noise maker and would keep on being a noise maker until you acknowledge him. Once you acknowledge him he would lick you to death!

Gravy's passing was sudden and unexpected. Friday I took him to the vet because for a week he wasn't eating properly and that day I noticed he was bloated. I called the vet Friday morning and at first agreed to bring him in Monday, but after I hung up the phone I realized he was bloated so I called back and asked them to please squeeze him in Friday. They agreed to see him Friday.

The vet looked him over: gums looked good, temp normal, heart rate a little high, but sometimes when they come in they are are little high so that didn't worry her. She feeling on the tummy area could tell it was fluid. She then did a rectal exam and from what she could feel on that end things like the prostate and anal glads were normal.  It was at that point we discussed how to find out what the possible fluid was in the abdomen area.  We decided that she would shave his belly and would stick a sterile needle in to see if she could draw out any of the fluid. She did this and drew out blood. It was very easy for her to do this. His belly was full of blood!

She did some blood work and from the blood work it was clear that there was some kind of liver and spleen issues.  WITHOUT doing more testing she figured he had a tumor on his spleen or liver that rupture. She came to this conclusion because of how fast his symptoms developed and the fact we found tumors on his body at his annual exam in September.  The tumors on his body, age, arthritis, and the fact he had not fully recovered from a broken leg that took at the beginning of summer did NOT make him a candidate for surgery.  So that left us with the option to let him die on his own or end it for him. We opted to end it for him.
Friday night when my hubby got home for work we took him to the animal clinic and said our good-byes.

This has been very hard on the family, especially the kids. This is their first time dealing with the death of a love one that was so close to them. We have had close love ones die, but the kid were real little at the time so they don't really remember my dad and their cousin deaths.

Gravy 2003-2012

September 21, 2012

Glasses ARE making a difference.

It's amazing what some glasses can do for your child!  She still struggles with some reading, because she's lacking some basics skills, but she grasping and getting the information so much faster now. I really think it's helping her that she can see! She was just on the boarder line of needing glasses and we went with it, because we could also get them to be prism to correct for convergence insufficiency.

I so wished we went with this passive route several years ago when we learned she had convergence insufficiency. She's even doing math work with no fuss.  For the last several years I've had to deal with I don't understand it and had to work through her whining over the work. Looking back I think she was this way, because she couldn't see properly.

When she got her glasses on she said without my glasses things are 'normal'; with my glasses things are super clear and just pop-out at you!  I had to explain to her that super clear and pop-out at you IS normal!

She even this last week has been, are you ready for it, doing WORD problems WITHOUT my help!! For the last several years I've have had to sit next to her while she reads the word problems and correct the mistakes she was making.  This week she just did it without having to have me sit next to her while she read them to me! Can I just as that's awesome! She said for the some: I didn't know the person's name so I just skipped that part, but I understood and read the rest of the word problem just fine. That is a HUGE improvement for us. I really can't share how that's an improvement.

We've always have done spelling, math, reading, writing, and all the other subject required by my state, but this year I'm going to make spelling, writing, and reading more of a priority and  focus. We still will be doing all of subjects we just will be doing more language arts then in years prior.  I was given the first level of All About Spelling so I'm looking forward to giving that ago. I also have a list of books I'm going have the kid read this year in addition to reading to mommy and other free reading materials.

In years passed I've done history with a text book. This year I'm going to approach it with literature. I'm looking forward to that as well.  How have things been going with you? Are you doing anything new this school year?

September 6, 2012

Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence Insufficiency is a topic I haven't talked about in a LONG time! It's never really gone away for my daughter and here we are 3 years later and we still have reading issues. Reading issues that I'm sure are associated with this vision issue.

We tried various methods over the years and various phonics, hands on programs to help improve her reading. We have seen IMPROVEMENT but nothing that we really have been totally please with.

Today, I took the kids in for the annual vision exams and it turns out both kids are farsighted and need reading glasses. We decided NOT to get glasses for our son, only because the prescription is for a very small correction. He's not having issues with reading at this time so we decided to hold off. The script is good for an year, so if we notice issues within this year we can get it filled then.

Our daughter's prescription is for a slight correction as well, but she also getting  prism lenses to help correct the convergence insufficiency.  We'll have her new glasses next week so I'm hoping that she'll noticed a difference while reading and we'll notice a difference as well.

When we got home we told my husband about everything and answered Web-princesses questions about her classes. She took about a book she's been reading and said "So the glasses are going to help me see, read, better. I can see, read, the words on the page just fine." We told her she will notice the difference when she gets her glasses. It's going to be interesting to see how she reacts to them once they are here.

July 26, 2012

Wall book and running

I think my children have Facebook envy. Well at least my daughter does. She has decided to make wall book. She's hoping family will post messages on her wall book.

I posted a message on there this morning telling her to clean her room. You know what? She actually cleaned it! It looks very nice.

She wrote on her wall her excitement about giving cross country running a go. We found a local club to join. Well we actually found two. One is just for homeschoolers the other is for anyone.

We decided to go with the one that is open to anyone because my daughter is not sure if she want to compete at meets. If she just wants to run and be apart of the group then it is free for us. If she decides she wants to compete then it will cost us a little bit of money for an uniform and entry fees for the meets.

Testing New Mobile App.

A little over an year ago, well really 1.5 years ago I entered the smartphone world with an android based phone. Seeing android is Google owned one of the first things I looked for was a Blogger app. I had a few options but none of them were made by Google so I passed. I didn't want to use a 3rd party app and give them my password.

Today I on a whim decided to search the app store for a Blogger app and to my surprise I found one made by Google so I thought I would give it a try.

This blog post was made on my phone.

July 9, 2012

CAT scores

Well a few weeks ago I gave my kids a CAT test. I mainly gave them this test because my husband requested it. I used Seton Testing Services so each test cost $25 and I was able to administer the test myself.  Seton Testing Services sent me the booklets, detail instructions, and scanable answer sheet for the kids to fill out. I had to send all the materials back to them. They scored the test and sent me the results.

In the mail today I received the results. Superstar scored average on everything but math. For math he scored above average.Web-Princess scores were average except on those areas that required reading.  Those areas she scored below average. I totally expected this from her because of her struggles in reading over the years. We have seen improvement, but I know that improvement is still below 'grade' level.

As their teacher I already had an idea of where they would fall, I didn't need these test to tell me that. I gave the kids the test because my husband wanted them done. He wanted something to show where the kids are with their schooling.

I know that many within the homeschool community don't care for standardize testing, because they can at time don't show a child's true measure of knowledge. This is especially true if the child does not test well. Some people know matter how bright they are never do well on test.

Thankfully I live in state that does NOT require me to use standardize testing. This was done purely for our own knowledge.

March 22, 2012

How the new routine/schedule is working!

Back in January I mention how I was going to reshape our day. So that I 'school' superstar in the morning and web-princess in the afternoon. Well after some trail and error I found a routine that seems to be working for everyone.

This routine allows me to focus on one child at a time. In the morning Superstar does Math, Spelling, and English. I'm there to help him with those subjects, but I also do some house work, or little projects that need to be done, but can be easily put to the side if Superstar needs help.  While Superstar is working on those subjects Web-princess does some reading, wii fit, and piano practice.

After these things are done we do science and history together then break for lunch. After lunch it's Web-princess' turn to do Math, Spelling and English while Superstar does some reading, wii fit, and piano practice. This allows us to be done around 3:00 pm which good because Superstar has made some friends via scouts and they are home by 3:30 pm and at least twice a week are calling here asking if Superstar can play.

After dinner I've put in their time to read their McGuffy Reader lessons with mom. I think this works best, because it does allow us to be done by 3:00 pm and if daddy wants he can read the lessons with them.

It took us a while to figure it out, but so far so good!

March 20, 2012

Santorum and Duuggar Surprise

So Sunday I went and seen Romney, I also mention then that I would be going to see Santorum in person.  That's exactly what I did yesterday morning. Santorum was schedule to speak at 9 am and the doors to the club he was speaking at was going to open at 8 am, so the kids and I went and got there at 7 am. We stood at the door and waited until it was time to get in.

At 7 am it was just myself, my children and 1 other person. It stayed that way until about quarter after when a few more showed up. At a quarter after secret service came to the door and said we had to wait till 8 am. We said we understood that was fine --- they allowed us to stay. At about 7:50 they open up the door and let us come in. So the kids and I got to stand right in front of the podium.

There was nothing between us and Santurom other then a rope to mark that we could not go any closer.   The kids were getting excited because it meant that they would be able to SEE and HEAR what's going on.

We stood there and waited, by 8:30 the room started to fill in more. I was surprised by how slowly it took for the space to fill up.  I know the closer it got to 9 the more it filled in and people were no longer allowed into the actual room that Santurom was in, but had to stand in the OTHER room -- those poor people didn't get to see anything.  Santurom never walked the crowd or passed over his side of the rope line. So only those that were standing at the line got to meet him. We were apart of the lucky ones.  Santurom did pose with the kids, but he moved on before my phone was done taking the picture so I didn't get a very good shot. That and I was trying to back up to get the shot and the crowd behind was trying to push forward so the picture was all blurred, but I tried.

After we got the picture I moved the kids away from the crowd and took a picture of them with the poster that Santorum sign.

Then on our way out the door to my surprise I seen some Duggar children.  As soon as I seen them I knew they were Duggar children.

I got a picture with Jinger (and one of the younger Duggar boys); then asked her if the rest of the family was there or not. She said the whole family was there. So we went out, but because of the rain no one was really outside so I went back inside to see if I could see Michelle. I seen Josh and Jim Bob. I took a picture of Jim Bob.

 It was then I seen Jill. So I approached Jill and asked her if she knew where her mom was at. She said that mom was on the bus with the little ones. I then got a picture with Jill.

So I went back out and asked Jinger if they were all going to Dixon, IL with Santorum. She said yes, but wasn't sure how that was going to turn out seeing it was raining. The Dixon event was schedule to be outside. On the way out that time, we seen Jana so I got a picture of her too.

So I got in the car and debated if I should take the hour drive to Dixon. It wasn't so much the drive but the weather. I just wasn't sure if it would be worth my efforts.  However I decided to do it. I drove to Dixon and was able to meet and get a picture with Michele Duggar too!

 It was in Dixon I was able  to see many more of the children as as well. I seen them all really, but my phone started acting funny so I wasn't able to get any more pictures.

And as you can see in the picture with Michelle it stopped raining.

My kids were excited to see Santurom and be apart of that, but they were more excited and surprise to see the Duggars. Web-princess when she seen her dad last night said "Daddy my life long wish came true! I got to meet someone that has a TV show!"

March 18, 2012

Political Process

I so wished the kids wanted to come with me today.  They didn't want to come because they were afraid that we would get stuck seeing NOTHING like it was in Springfield when we went for the "homeschooling bill". They were disappointed that we were not able to make into the hearing room in Springfield that they didn't want to come with me in fear that the same thing would happen here.

This coming Tuesday is the Illinois primary and the race for the republican nomination is a close one.  So much so that 2 of the Republican candidates decided to come to my neck of the woods. Romney was here this afternoon and Santorum will be here tomorrow morning.  These are very last minute planned stops for the candidates....it wasn't announced until last night that they would be here.

So I went today and listen to what Romney had to say in person. C-span was there and filmed the whole thing. They filmed him talking to the crowd and filmed him greeting the people. I was seated in the back room of the resturant that Romney spoke at, so I wasn't able to see him speak, but was I able to hear him.

While he spoke he sent his wife into the back room to do a meet and greet. It was during the meet and greet I was able to get a picture with his wife.

We were looking at two different cameras for the the picture. Romney after he spoke came into the room and greeted everyone as well. I didn't get a picture of him and I, but I was able to snag a picture from c-span's video of me shaking his hand.

The kids WILL be going with me tomorrow morning to Santorum's Rally. I think that fact I got to see/hear Romney today is helping them feel better about going. That and they really won't have choice tomorrow seeing Daddy has to go to work! LOL

March 9, 2012

Making Laundry Soap!

I think I've jumped on that band wagon and will not return. Actually, I don't know if that's true or not!  I've been wanting to make my own soap for while, however I've not been sure on which directions to follow. They all pretty much use the same items, but the water to detergent ratios are different in each recipe I found. Sometimes it's 2 gallons, sometimes 5 gallons, or somewhere in between.  So I settled on doing a dry powder mix.

The one I really wanted to try the most was just a very big patch to try. The est. cost would have been around $20 and would have last 9 months to a year. However, I just didn't want to spend money making such a large batch in fear I would not like it.

So I found a similar recipe to try. The one I went with only used 1/2 cup of borax, 1/2 cup of washing soda, and one bar of soap. I had the borax, washing soda, and 1 bar of fels naptha on hand, because when I mention to my friends I wanted to try making my own soap, one of them stepped up and gave me the ingredients for free. (She tried making soap, but didn't like the results so she gave me what she didn't used).

I made the small batched and have washed just one load. So far okay, but over time I'll know for sure. If this seems to work out well, then I might step it up and do the larger batch seeing it has other items added to help fight of stains. Right now I'm using the the stain fighters I normally use.

February 23, 2012

Let's Talk About Blood?

Oh, boy! The human body, blood, hearts, lungs, etc. are all things that make Superstar very uneasy! Just seeing a cut makes him turn pale, so you can imagine what I'm going through this week, seeing our science chapter is about the circulatory system.

I'm making him get through it. I'm reading the material, reading the questions in the workbook, and having him verbally answer them. It's not a pretty scene.  I don't want to skip over the material just because it makes him uneasy, but at the same time I don't want him being so upset.

I know it's not an easy topic for him, but I think on some levels he's being a bit of a 'Drama King' about it all. I don't want to snap and tell him to knock it off, and just 'grow up', but at the same time that's what I want him to do.  I know it's hard, my husband doesn't like this stuff either and will actually leave the room or change the channel if any of this stuff is on or being discussed. I know that's exactly what Superstar wants to do, but we have to through it.

As I'm typing this out, I just had a brainy idea. I wonder if I can get my husband to teach this chapter to our son? I know he hates the topic as well, but perhaps the two of them can work it out together! It think I'm going to ask hubby tonight about that!

February 20, 2012

What's wrong with being quiet and polite?

It's funny the things people say to you about your own children.  Superstar has joined boy scouts recently. Well, at first he was in cub scouts, but just bridged over this passed weekend to boy scouts at the annual blue and gold banquet.

As preparation for the banquet the boys were invited to go to another scouters house to decorate cupcakes. It was an open house type event -- just show up whenever you can between 5-7.  It was decided I should take him because the host was another homeschooling mom and we thought it would be nice for me to able to meet her. It was nice to meet her!

Anyway, when we showed up and all the boys that were there were already downstairs playing games, because they had already decorated their cupcakes. As soon as we arrived Superstar washed his hands, decorated his cakes, rewashed his hand, and then walked up to me and said "Okay I'm done, we can go". I then said to him "Well, didn't you want to go downstairs and say hi to the other boys?" He looked at me and said "Oh, okay" and then asked our host if it was okay? She said sure go ahead. Clearly Superstar didn't catch the other parents mentioning how the boys were downstairs playing because they already decorated their cupcakes.

Another mother, not our host, said "Superstar is always so quiet and polite. We really need to break him out of his shell?" I really didn't know how to respond to that, other then to give an awkward little chuckle and smile and say "Yes, he can be a bit quiet at times".

I've been thinking about these words from some time and I really don't know why being polite is such a horrible thing! I will admit that when he doesn't know someone or at a new place he can be a bit quiet, but when he gets to know you he opens up more. I think that's normal. I wouldn't have given much thought if this mother only mention the quiet part, but given she mention in being "polite" too, I'm taken back the whole thing.

Are kids 10-11years of age no longer polite? Is it no longer acceptable?

February 11, 2012

The Wonders of Physics

Today we traveled to Madison, WI and attended the Wonder of Physics at University of Wisconsin.  This was a free program offered by UW physics department.  Even though it was a free program we had to preregister in order to be sure that we would have seats.

It was just over an hour long and we had a great time.  UW does have PASS shows available to watch on their site.  We found that the videos don't download correctly. So the best way to watch them is to copy the link and then paste it into your windows media player. The videos are free to watch.  Enjoy!

January 31, 2012

Review: Toad Hats

We bought the kids a wii for Christmas and with it came Super Mario Brothers Wii. One of their favorite character from the game is Toad. I'm not sure why, seeing I've always pretty much like Mario.  It's funny how you think certain characters play "better" when in reality they all have the same functions. Or at least with this Mario game and the Mario game I grew up with.

So I had Toad Hats made by For The Love Of Scarves. We got them today! Don't the kids look great in them?
Superstar and Web-princess in their toad hats.
See how much taller SS is then WP?

I've bought other things from the For The Love Of Scarves. Like the hats I gave to my nieces for Christmas.

I swear the kids since getting the hats this afternoon have not taken them off! Well they did take them off for lunch, because we went out to eat and they didn't want anyone to steal them. They also took them off for baths. Those have been the only exceptions this afternoon. I'm thinking they may even sleep with them on!

Everything that is made by For The Love of Scarves are custom made. As you can see from her store the toad hat is shown has white and red. I just asked her to change the colors so they were the colors my kids wanted and give her my kids' head measurements!

Not only do I think she does great work, but by buying her products you are helping to supplement the income of a homeschooling family.

Disclosure: I was NOT paid or given anything to share my thoughts about For The Love of Scarves and their products.

Kids: When they stand side by side now I can't believe that they are only 10 months apart seeing SS stands so much taller now. At 10 1/2 years of age he's standing at 5 foot! I only stand at 5'6"-5'7". It won't be long and he'll be taller then me!

January 26, 2012


So we've completed chapter 3 of our science book "Behold and See 5".  The lab works at the end of this chapter suggested we catch some animals, feed them, and observe their behavior for a period of time.  Seeing its the dead of winter catching animals isn't the best option right now. The book did suggest if we can't catch any to buy some mealworms or crickets to watch, feed, and observe.

I chose mealworms over the crickets because with the mealworms we can watch metamorphosis take place. The beginning of the chapter dealt with metamorphosis so it seemed to be more fitting. Plus from reading the book taking care of the mealworms seemed like an easier task. Keep them in a jar with some dry oatmeal and with some fruits or vegetables. 

I bought the mealworms at a local pet store just over a week ago. I bought 50 of them for just over $3. Several of them didn't "wake-up" after warming up. The pet store keeps them in the refrigerator and I was told to put them back in the refrigerator so they don't move around. Of course moving around is what I wanted so I didn't follow that advice.

We measure several of them last week when we bought them and the average length was about 1 cm. Now the average length is about 2 cm. We think we have lost about 20 of the 50 we started with, but are hopeful that several will make it adulthood.  I'll have pictures to share in a future post about our mealworms.

January 24, 2012

Consuming Kids!

If you have just over an hour to spare I suggest you watch the video above!  I watched it and was amazed on some of the things I was hearing and seeing. Then I started to wonder if my kids were "abnormal".

I say that because my kids still use make believe. They'll grab a stick and pretend it's a wand, sword, or whatever it is they want it to be at the time. However, the video gave me the impression that's abnormal compare to "today's kids".  What's your thoughts about the video above?  Is there truth in it? What are you doing in you home to help curb any of the effects advertising had on your children?

January 16, 2012

Digging, Reading, Baking, History.....

Thankfully Superstar is not sick and even though today is Martin Luther King Day we did school work today. This morning started off rough. Superstar had a bit of an attiude about math. He picked it as is first subject but started to cry over it because it was division. He really loaths division and if he had his way not do any.

I did allow him to pick a different subject to start with so after some science, history, and reading he decided to tackle those division problems. Thankfully the rest of the day for him went well, school was done for him by noon, and he got to enjoy the rest of his afternoon doing other activities.

Seeing I've split the kids up Superstar in the morning and Web-princess in the afternoon, Superstar is free to do other activities in the afternoon. He spent his time digging for dinosaurs bones (a kit he got for Christmas) and making corn bread to go with tonight's dinner.

He did these activities while Web-princess did some reading with the McGuffey reader and online tutor. I've only used the online tutor videos for two days now. I'm not sure if that's the direction I want to go to completely, but so far Web-princess does enjoy it.  We've had the readers for a while now and have been using them. The tutor was something a friend of mine told me about. I've had the link for a while now and just started to use it. Web-princess also read some of her history text book while Superstar was busy being a baker!

Oh and if you use currclick and have any times in your wishlist go check them out. I got an email from currclick today saying that some of my items on my wishlist were on sale. One item on my wish list was $25 dollars but it was mark down to $2. So you know I got that today. I'll have to look it over more closely now that I have it, but I'm thinking I can use it for some American History in the near future.

January 13, 2012

Recap Of Our Week

Last week I shared how I was going to split the kids up and work with Superstar in the morning and Web-princess in the afternoon. It's only been one week, and Superstar has been sick for 1/2 of it so I haven't been able to really test it out.  Although the days that I was able to follow this new schedule/routine it worked out pretty good. The house was quieter, there was less stress for everyone, and the days seemed to be more productive. Of course it will be only a matter of time before we know for sure.

I'm starting to miss my friends and our co-op. I-HOPE, the co-op,  has been on break since the beginning of December and won't start back up until February.  In the mean time I'm planning to meet up with some of the families before February if my kids are well enough.

Since Christmas we have been battling fevers, runs, vomit, etc.  This week just happens to be Superstar's turn. The only symptoms he has had this week is sore throat and fever. Today is temp is closer to normal, but seeing he had a temp of 101-102 the previous 2 days I decided no school again for him today.

It's been a bummer for him seeing yesterday we FINALLY got snow fall and a good amount of snow too. The kids have been itching all winter for snow! Our first snow fall this winter season and Superstar is to sick to go out and play in it. Web-princess on the other hand has been enjoying the snow. I gave her a snow day yesterday and she spent the nearly the whole day outside in the snow.  I could have done school, but honestly it would have been an battle seeing I know all they have wished for the last month now is for some snow to go play in.  

January 12, 2012


Clearly I do NOT think that! Seeing I AM a SAHM! However there are some moms that do feel that way:

I'm in shock that we have come to the point where working mothers would label stay at home mothers lazy!! I'm not sure why they would label stay at home mothers as lazy.

January 7, 2012

The Comedy Mass

My kids and hubby made a video while I was out today. I think it's hilarious and I hope you feel the same way.

January 5, 2012

New Year, New Schedule, New Routines

Or at least that is the plan. I've been reading, my dear friend, Judy Dudich's book: I Surrender and have been participating in the discussion group on facebook.

Recently Judy mention, in the discussion, how she's been reconstructing her schedule and not doing "school" with a few of her children until the evening. This is because her family structure  is such that it's easier for her to give more attention to those children in the evening. With 10 children I'm sure that makes more sense.  In response several other moms mention they did similar things.

I may have only 2, but it gets difficult for me. Often Superstar is waiting for me to help him with one thing because I'm helping Web-Princess.  Web-Princess has to wait for me because I'm helping Superstar.  They get annoyed with each other and impatient. I'm jumping back and forth like a pinball and often feel bad because we get the bare minimum done. That's good, but I would like more. If only I could just focus on ONE.

Out of the two Web-Princess is the child that needs my help more because she's a struggling reader. I don't just want to focus on her I want to be there for Superstar. Jumping back and forth just isn't working. Some subjects go every fast others take longer. There is no way to really plan it well.

Judy's post, in the facebook group, was I light bulb moment for me! Why don't I just restructure our day and focus on just ONE child at the time.  I'm not a very good morning person. It's a bit of a struggle for me to get into the grove of things. Superstar like to start first thing in the day and seeing he often doesn't need my help as much I figure I would focus on him in the morning. I can still get other things done, but be available for him when he needs it. So I could not only be there for him but get some housework done.

Then after lunch it will be Web-princess time to start school. By lunch Superstar should be done if not soonner and I'll have the rest of the afternoon to work with Web-princess. I choose to put her in the afternoon because she does require a lot more of my help and in the afternoon we'll have more time.  Seeing it will be easier to work up to dinner if needed or pick it back up right after dinner and finish it up.

I don't foresee us going that late all the time but the possibility is there so I thought it was best to put her in the afternoon. The other bonus of putting her in the afternoon is that if Superstar gets done before lunch, whihc I see happening several days, I can start her early

I'm going to start this new schedule tomorrow and see how it goes!

January 4, 2012

We have some ovaries on our kitchen counter.

We've been working with our science material: Behold and See Science 5. The current topic we are working with is the anatomy of a flower.  Our book describes the ovary as the part of the flower that will become fruit.

So my kids, thinking that it's funny, has decided to use the word when asking for the apples, oranges, or whatever other fruit we've had on hand this week.  Mama can I have a red ovary? (apple).  Mama can I have a orange ovary? (orange).   We have NOT discussed human reproductive anatomy yet, so they have NO idea that this is a name of a female reproductive part. They just think it's a funny sounding word and are proud that they have understood the lessons.

They even said it public at the store today. Mama can we buy more red ovaries?  I love that my kids are learning and absorbing the materials. It's good that they can look at the fruit and understand that when it was a flower that was the ovary and the seeds inside were the ovules.

However, given the word you can imagine why my face turned flushed at the store while doing a quick look around to see who heard and if they were given me some crazy looks.
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