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April 16, 2009

School Room! I wish!

Several of the (homeschooling) blogs I follow have been showing of their homeschooling rooms! Oh how lovely, clean, and organized they are! It is a real blessing to have a space for ONLY homeschooling. Then there are homeschooler like me! Not so well organized, cluttered, and cramped for space! (Please see pass the clutter and dirty counters. Thank-you)

This is my living room that holds most of our homeschooling materials: The only thing really missing from these 2 pictures is the wall where our front door and couch are on and part of the wall that has our fireplace (that would be the wall with the wood paneling). In the one picture where the desk chair is right next to me is where the front door is...

This is the kitchen that has the table that the kids work at time to time, and that little corner I call "my office":There really isn't much more to the kitchen other then the counter, sink, and stove. They are all on the 2 walls that are not shown.

Both rooms are about 14x13. So there you have it. As you can see we don't have a "school room", but we are still able to homeschool the children. Please see pass the clutter! I'm trying to find a system/way of decluttering! I'm not every good at "housework" if anything that would be my real weakness when it comes to homeschooling and being a housewife. When I try things are great! When I don't try it gets overwhelming! There really isn't much more to the house other then a cluttered laundry room, if you can even call it a "room", it's more like a closet. An average size bathroom and 3 average size bedrooms. Then again with 950 sq. feet, there isn't going to be much more.

What I lack in "housing" space I make up for "yard" space! All of the back yard pictures where taken from my back door (the kitchen door). The red line that I "drew" into each picture is to help show where the property line is.

Looking to the rightLooking straight outLooking to the leftThat big old dog in the one picture is our dog Gravy! Yes his name is Gravy. When he was a puppy he looked more like a pile of mash potatoes with brown gravy on him. Thus we named him Gravy! He is 6 year-old! Here is one more picture of the Gravy.Gravy is a lab and collie mix and weighs nearly 90 lbs! He thinks he's some kind of "lap dog" and is always trying to sit in our laps! LOL

One last note regarding the yard: I WISH I knew how to garden! I have more then enough space for a garden (as you can see). I just don't know HOW!! LOL That would be the other department that I lack in! At least my kiddos (including the dog) have room to RUN; even with a large garden there would be room to RUN! LOL Perhaps some day I will learn how to garden.

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  1. The fact that you are homeschooling and have the space you have is amazing in of its own. I have 2 under two and really admire all of you moms out there that manage to do this plus Carry your household and all of the jobs it includes. God bless your journey!


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