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April 14, 2009

Testing Email

This is just a test really! I set up the blog to be able to post “emails”. I don’t really have anything to say nor do I have any real content right now. I just wanted to test this email thing out and see how it works. I wonder how I can set up labels and keywords with emails? Hmmm…


If I can’t figure that out I may not use this feature that much, but it could come in handy if I get an email or find something of interest. I don’t know just something more to monkey with I guess! LOL


  1. Wow that's pretty cool! The post itself was a email I just typed up within my email client. The post title is the subject line of my email.

    Now I'll have to figure out how to add labels via email or even if that's possible. Could even set up mobil posting (ex: cell phone) if I wanted.

    But before I go that route I should figure out if I can setup labels via email or mobil devices.

    Do any of my readers, who have blogger blogs, use email and/or mobil devices to post post? If so do you know how to set up labels via email and/or mobil devices?

  2. SAHM...HOW IRONIC! I just added this SAME feature to my blog...but haven't tried it out yet!
    Thanks for being my "test pilot"...I can see that it works!

  3. LOL that's funny Judy! Well I'm glad that I got to be the "test pilot" on this one! The only thing that bugs me with the feature is the lack of being to add labels via email. (At least I haven't figured out how to do that if it is possible)

    Worst case would be to come back and edit the post to add the labels at a later date.... so we'll see. Despite that minor thing everything is okay.

    I know that you can add pictures as attachments and they will show up in the blog. I don't have any pictures right now, but perhaps you have new pictures and you can try that...especially in your back yard blog. LOL


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