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April 8, 2009

Homeschoolers and Uniforms

I was wondering if any of my readers, who are homeschoolers, have their children wear "uniforms". I have been toying with the idea of having my kids wear one. I'm just thinking of a pair of kaki in a tan color and a polo type shirt in a dark blue, gray, or white.

I'm just thinking that perhaps having "school cloths" would help us get more prepared for the day and perhaps motivate us to "do" school. We are doing well and are almost done with our school year as I have stated before, but I also know that we don't do as much as we can. Sometimes it's because of lack of motivation. Don't get me wrong, we do our work and the kids are doing well! It's just I would like to see our day be a little bit more focused, having little bit more pep, and a change in over all "attitude".

I've talked to my DH about all of this and he's on board with me. We talked to the kids about it and DD was on board, but DS was a not liking the idea. However his attitude changed when he actually seen what I had in mind. Once we seen that, the idea was good.

The other side effect of "uniforms" would be less laundry for me to do!! I don't know what it, but lately I wash 2-3 loads a day and I still have mount washmore! UGH! I'm thinking I still have mount washmore because we have TOO MANY cloths!! So I'm thinking if we had uniforms I would have less laundry to do? Would that really be true?

Okay so give me your input? Uniforms a good thing? A bad thing? How do I get rid of mount washmore? Give me your thoughts and input!


  1. I think it is totally up to you and what will work for your family. We are very relaxed. My kids actually were excited this year when we started HSing, I let them stay in their PJs...they wear T-shirts and shorts, and so do I most days (unless we are leaving the house). It works for us! :) I don't worry about the laundry too much, we have much less then we did when they were in public school, and they are great about helping me with it.

  2. Uniforms are a great help with laundry when the children are little and docile - do it! As they get older they will want to opt out, and this will have a trickle down effect on the little ones. So, if you are able to do uniforms, then do so, but if the child is old enough to do laundry, then they are old enough to choose what to wear provided it is modest. :-0

  3. I too have been entertaining the thought of uniforms. Though I don't think that it would lighten the load. In fact, I think it will create more laundry!!!Would you have them change into 'play' clothes when your school day is done? And, would they wear a fresh set of uniform the next day? Either way, you would still have the 'play' clothes to wash and now uniforms.
    But, uniforms would be, i think, a good motivator to start your school day. Though, I am not sure if I want to condition them to 'learning time' only when they wear their uniforms...when they change clothes, would that be a trigger for them not to learn. I duno??? I'm new with hsing - first year with a 5- and 4-yo.

    But, about laundry...sounds like a lot!!! I too have that same problem, though I have decided to keep laundry to only two days!!! - i put my blinders on the other five!!! and yes we do 10 or so loads on those two days but the other five are laundry-free days - the girls help me sort their clothes and we treat ourselves when the job is done!

    So, Uniforms...yes, if you need a motivator. Less laundrey?...not so sure.

    good luck with what you decide.

  4. Yeah I don't know it all yet. Based on family that have uniforms for (public/private) school. They have 5 different shirts for the kids, but only 2-3 pants. The kids wear the same pants for 2-3 days, unless they go super dirty etc.

    I think I would have them change out of the school clothing. I don't think it would prohibit learning if they weren't in the "school" clothing.

    I know I was thinking it would be less laundry, because the kids would have just a few schooling outfits that they may wear for 2-3 days. That and some days, if I went that route, they may not even change out of them. It would truly depend on what we were doing that day!

  5. So 2 loads of laundry is too much for you.....stop whining and get yourself organized. It's not like you have to do them by hand.....don't you have a machine that does everything but fold them?


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