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April 28, 2009

5 things I'm thankful for on April 28th, 2009

1. My husband! Tomorrow the 29th will be our 9th wedding anniversary. DH told me today that it will be "weird" come next year because we then will be in double digits. Although tomorrow is our 9th wedding anniversary we have been a couple for almost 11 years! WOW

2. That it is our last week of school this week! (Now perhaps I can tackle the house)

3. That I may have the chance to go and spend the weekend in MI at my BFF house. She moved to from IL to MI in January and well I miss her. I talk to her weekly, but it's not the same. My B-day is in July and DH said that I might be able to spend my B-day weekend in MI with my BFF! What a b-day present!!!

4. My kids! I don't really need to say more do I... (although at times I wish I could give them to the zoo!) LOL

5. All of my cyber friends! Especially Judy, the host of this MEME. Your emails make me smile, even if there are 10,000 of them asking for help! I know there isn't 10,000 of them and I'm just giving you a hard time. You could email me 10,000 times a day if you wanted. It wouldn't bother me any! I always love getting your emails!


  1. LOL...okay that's it...no more emails...promise...on second thought...better not promise...don't we always teach our kids not make promises they don't intend to keep? LOL
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. NO, say it isn't so! Didn't you read that I LOVE your emails!?!? It's a good thing that you don't intend on keeping "that" promise! I'm thankful for that!!! As far as I'm feeling it's so-so, today.


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