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April 27, 2009

REVIEW: Paul In A Basket

Title: Paul in a Basket Musical Adventure For Kids (CD)

Author: Rob Evans, the Donut Man

Short Description:
An audio CD of 10 stories and 10 songs that highlights the the life and teachings of St. Paul in a kid-friendly format.

Review: This is very upbeat, energetic, get-out-your-dance-shoes type of music. The kids and I were up dancing and singing along in a VERY short time. We really enjoy the music and any child from the ages of 3-10 will too.

Even though it is geared for kids, I played it for myself while working on the computer. The music is really good and the message throughout is very uplifting and true to Scripture. Many of the songs and stories quote Scripture so this could be useful for bible lessons in a homeschooling environment. I believe that many Christian-Homeschoolers, regardless of creed or denomination, would find this to be a good way to help teach their kids about the life and teachings of St. Paul.

The differences between the children's CD and the director's CD is that the director's version comes with instrumental tracks and other resources that you would need to put on a musical.

I've reviewed the director's notes for the hour long musical. At first I found the director's notes to be a little confusing. However, once I became familiar with the CD and the songs the director's notes started to make sense to me. So in order to make the most out of the director's notes I highly suggest listening to the songs BEFORE reviewing the director's notes. Once you are familiar with the songs you'll find the director's notes easier to follow.

According to the director's notes this hour long musical would work best with 15-30 children on stage. I think any homeschooling, church, or youth group that has that many kids could easily put on this one hour long musical if they were inclined to do so. The props for the musical are very simple and can be done inexpensively which is a MAJOR plus for homeschooling groups (and church groups) that are often on a tight budget.

Regarding the age range for the production: I would say kids ages 6-10 would enjoy putting on this musical. Children 10-12 may enjoy it too, but that really would depend on the individual child. I find it hard to picture a child older then 12 being on stage, but I'm sure that they would enjoy watching along with any parent, grandparent, or beloved adult.

If your child is familiar with Rob Evans' past work, then they may be disappointed that he does not use his Donut Man persona in this work. Also Duncan, the talking donut, is not present. However, the music is so great that it would not matter in the long run!!

If you are interested in learning more about Paul In A Basket then be sure to check out the Catholic Company. For more reviews on this and other products from other bloggers then please click here.

Disclosure: I was given a free coy of Paul In A Basket by the Catholic Company in order write to my honest opinion of this product for this review.

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