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April 10, 2009

Birds: To Nest Or Not To Nest!

That is the question of the day! We got a pair of sparrows (not sure what kind of sparrows)that have decided to try to nest in our light fixture.I'm not sure if I should let them nest there or not. I asked the ladies at THL what they thought. Many of them said I should let them be! That I should raise the white flag and let them nest there. However, how do I let them just do that? Can you see how close that light fixture is to my front door?Not only is it close to my front door, but as you can see from the picture below I don't have front porch. I just have a stoop (step):My biggest issue with is location that they have picked is how close it is to the front door! What if Mama decided to attack (once there are babies/eggs)? Seriously I don't want to be barred from using my own front door!

If this was your house would you let them stay? Would you raise the white flag and let it be?
Would you use this as a teaching lesson? How would you make this "work"?


  1. I wouldn't be concerned about mama attacking, but I would be concerned about the heat from the light if it's left on a lot!

  2. The nurturing side of me says "let them stay," the overly cautious side of me says "get them outta there!" Heheee, sorry for not being more of a help; but I am looking forward to hearing what you decideto do. :)

  3. Oooh...Tough one! I know what hubby would say. Not that he's grumpy but I doubt he'd be thrilled about birds so close to the door!

    We did have our own teachable moment last Spring with a Robin's nest in a tree next to our door...But not quite as close as your light fixture:). Unfortunately, she was done in by a neighboring owl and we found what was left of her strewn about our doorstep:(.

    Unhelpful, I know! Let us know which way you go:)


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