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April 15, 2009

Macaroni noodles

Okay so what’s wrong with Macaroni noodles? My DH won’t eat them! He’ll eat ANY noodle there is BUT macaroni! You would think that after cooking for him for the last 10 years I would understand, but I don’t!! I mean after all are they all made with the same ingredients the just are shaped different. Right?? Please tell me that’s right! LOL

We’ve been married for almost 9 years (it will be 9 years later this month). We DID NOT live together prior to marriage. I just was over at his house every day and would cook us dinner, eat, visit and would leave for the night. I couldn’t stand the knowledge that for dinner he had a box of stove top stuffing! Yep, before I was in the picture dinner consist of a whole box of stuffing. Nothing else, but stuffing! Ironically if I don’t cook dinner to this day, he will revert to his “bachelor” days and will serve the kids a box of stuffing for dinner! Or any other side things like that and just that!

So I try hard to cook even when I feeling under the weather, cause I can’t stand the knowledge that my kids at stuffing for dinner and only stuffing! LOL I can’t handle that! The kids are healthy as pictures of them can clearly show, so one meal of stuffing shouldn’t be an issue. I just feel bad!

Luckily I haven’t been under the weather lately, but seeing Easter just passed all of these memories are flooding my mind. Even though our Anniversary isn’t until the end of the month Easter always bring back those memories pre-marriage, etc. This is because we got married the Saturday after Easter. (Easter was “late” that year LOL)

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