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June 28, 2011

His feet are still going strong!

Long time followers of my site may remember how Superstar, my son, had to have surgery November 2009 for ITW. He had cast on his feet till about New Years 2010. From New Years 2010 to about October 2010 he had to wear AFO on both of his feet.

I'm sharing that bit of background because we again today had to see the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon for another follow up. It has been about 6 months since our last follow up. At today's follow-up we were told to keep things that status quo and see you again in December.

Keeping things status quo means no braces (AFO) for at least the next 6 months!  By the time this December rolls around it would have been 25 months post surgery and 14 months of no AFO.  Superstar STILL toe-walks, but it's only about 10-15% the time unlike pre-surgery when it was 100% of the time. It's for this reason we have to continue to see the surgeon to monitor his range of motion etc. If Superstar start to loose his range of motion or if he starts to toe-walk majority of the time then he will have to be put back into AFOs.

Edit: I originally said 48 months post surgery... where was my brain? It should have read 25 months. I fixed it!

June 10, 2011

We've gone mobile and other news.

I have updated Catholic Christian Homeschooling so that when you visit this blog from a mobile device you will see a mobile version of the blog! I hope that you will enjoy and be sure to give me your feedback on it!!

In other news: We are STILL plugging away with our studies. We have math and spelling work to finish up and if everything goes well we should be done with those subject by the end of the month.

This weekend we are participating in a charity walk: "Rock the Curve Walk" for Scoliosis.  The little girl that founded the Northern Illinois Curvy Girl Group is a dear friend of my children. Her family is a member of our church and she and Superstar were in the same 1st grade class when Superstar attended public school.  We are very happy to be supporting Julia and all the curvy girls this Sunday via the walk. We raised over $100 in sponsorship for the walk. My family and friends are just awesome! Now we just have to hope for beautiful weather.

Speaking of weather what is it like in your neck of the woods? At the beginning of the week we had temps approaching 100. However we had a huge storm front that came through here Wednesday night dropping the temps down into the 50s! It's been so cold here yesterday and today that I'm actually wearing sweat and a sweater! I'm really not complaining because we do NOT have A/C so I'm truly thankful for the cooler temps! It's wonderful really!!!

Happy Summer!

June 2, 2011

Homeschooling is SO disappointing!!!!

In the car on the way home from having dinner at my grandparent's house.

Superstar: It's so disappointing.
Me: What's disappointing?
Superstar: Homeschooling!
Me: Why is homeschooling disappointing?
Superstar: There are NO snow days! There is NO reason to watch the news. I remember watching the news waiting for the Rs. My heart would start to race, the thrill of hearing there was no school. It's all gone now!

Yes, we are approaching the summer months and my son is reflecting on the absence of snow days thanks to homeschooling!! LOL
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