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April 4, 2009

First Communion

It was a LONG and busy day, clothing to get dress in, meals to be made, arriving on time, and just enjoying the moment. I was busy directing the kids when to go up that I actually missed the moment my DS received Holy Communion for the first time. However, I was beaming ear to ear when my DS answered Father's question. Father during his homily (sermon) today talked about the Last Supper and had asked the children a few questions. DS rose his hand with such confidence that Father couldn't help but call on him. :) DS had the "correct" answer! I was a little nervous about it, but that's okay, I think as mothers we get nervous for our children.

After Mass we took some pictures of the whole family:I can't believe that she, my mom, wore the same shirt:She's lucky that it was my DS big day! Gosh, the nerve of some people! When we realized we were wearing the same shirt, just different colors, Mom went on and on how she must be "hip" because she can dress "young". I just turned to her and said "Or my style is just OLD!" Oh, I had to run and hide after a remark like that, because I got that Mom stare, oh you know what that Mom Stare is! I don't have to tell you what that means! (It's all good now we laughed about it; and was laughing then)

At the end of the day DS is happy! And that is all that matters. Thank-You to everyone that kept him and our family in their prayers today.


  1. WHAT LOVELY PHOTOS! Thanks for sharing!!!! Ok...so...IMHO...your ds looks like you and your dd looks like her daddy...true?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful mom with us too! LOL LOVE THOSE SHIRTS!!!

    So glad that you had such a special day! Keep our Gracie in your prayers...hers is May 9th!

  2. Yes it's true Judy, my DS favors me and my DD favors my DH. So YHO would be correct; I'm glad that you found the humor in those shirts.

    We will be keeping Gracie in our prayers. I'm sure she's getting excited!

    Our home parish is the Cathedral for our dioceses, and seeing it's Palm Sunday our Bishop was there, presiding over this mornings Mass. DS was blessed today to receive communion for the 2nd time from our Bishop.

  3. Aww, how lovely. My daughter is making her First Communion next year, and I am looking forward to it!

  4. Lerin-That is exciting! I'm bless to do it all again next year too. My DD will receive first communion next year.


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