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About Me

Hi, I'm Nikki and welcome to my blog: Catholic Christian Homeschooling!

I write about daily life, homeschooling, curriculum choices, or whatever I feel people would like to read in order to help other homeschoolers and share little tidbits about myself and family. I do this because I enjoy connecting with other homeschoolers and like minded people.

So now that you know why this blog is here a little about myself: I'm a stay at home mom to two teenagers. I have been married to my husband for over 16 years.  We didn't always started out as homeschoolers. Superstar (SS) and Web-Princess (WP) did go to public school in the earlier years. Superstar attended for K/1st grade and Web-Princess attended for PreK/K. They have been homeschooled from 1st/2nd grade to 8th grade.

Now we are approaching high school and I may not be homeschooling much longer. I know for sure that SS will be going to high school at our local public school. WP will be home for me for at least one more school year (2015/2016 is her 8th grade year). That doesn't mean I'm not in touch with the homeschooling community; I am and will be. I'm very involved with Homeschool Resource Roadmap and the community built around it.

The focus of this blog might change some over the next coming years,  but I hoping to stay connected to the homeschool community.

As a means to help supplement our income I have an an online store powered by Amazon.

God Bless,
Nikki (aka SAHMinIL)
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