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April 1, 2009

Teacher MAKES students buy condoms!

WTF? That Ladies (and perhaps Gentlemen) was my response to a post that I read from a middle school teacher. This teacher in her post this morning, described how she took her students to a local walgreens and MADE them buy condoms. She posted how several of the students did NOT want to do this and that the parents knew what her attent was for this "field trip".

What kind of world do we live in that a field trip would be to a local walgreens to buy condoms? What kind of world do we live in that the parents would agree to this type of education for their middle schoolers?

My stomach is still upset over this story.... NOW MORE THEN EVER I am gald that I homeschool!!


  1. My heart aches for these children who are being ROBBED of their innocence and purity. May God have mercy on the souls of those who participate in this...ESPECIALLY their parents. SO SAD

  2. Thanks for linking to my blogs!

    Reading this entry makes me sick... again, so glad that I homeschool as well. I become more convinced day-by-day that the least convern of the public educationsystem isacademics,and the greatest concern is that they force their social agenda on our babies.

    After all, if the sole concern was academics, why the attempts to force homeschooling familiesto send their children to the public schools when the academic achievement from homeschooled students is clearly superior? I'm on HSLDA's mailing list, and I get examples of this all the time!

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  4. This is just another reason why I really don't want my son exposed to public school.

  5. Uggh, just awful! Apparently it was not a school-sponsored class, but still.

    I hate to sound crass, but really, what kid now adays couldn't figure out how to buy condoms?? Why on earth do they need someone to hold their hand and force them to do it?? Makes no sense, I'm not following this lady's "logic."

  6. yes, it did turn out that this wasn't through a PS; and that the parents previewed the material prior to the class and actually signed their kids up for this "sex ed" class. I'm sorry but I would never sign my 11-13 up for such a class.

    I'm not saying that they can't "learn" and "shouldn't be taught", but I think this example, this class, and field trip is above and beyond anything that would be remotely age appropriate for these children.

    I don't follow this teacher's logic either. It's almost along the lines of well everyone else is jumping of the bridge so we must jump too.

    When I first posted my post here there was NO replies there. She hadn't allowed them to be posted yet.

    I have read several of the comments left on this "teachers" blog and I'm sadden that these parent have been duped into thinking that they can't teach their children about sex because they aren't experts.


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