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April 21, 2009

Dissection: frogs, cow eyes, squids, oh my!

Granted my kids are still a little young for those dissection labs, or are they?? Hmm, after becoming aware of this VIRTUAL dissection tool, I'm starting to wonder. I came across Froguts yesterday, during my internet surfing.

Froguts states that their home program ($30 per year) can be used as a stand alone instructional tool, it can be used as a cost effective alternative to dissection materials and specimens, and can be repeated as necessary. However, as a supplement to actual dissection, our service helps students make the most of their limited laboratory time and improves their level of comprehension.

I've done their demo. At first I was a little lost, but very soon I got it! Of course the demo was very limited and I wasn't able to get the whole perspective of what the product has to offer. However, based on what I was able to do with the demo I think it can be very helpful and a good tool for those homeschoolers that are need of labs! Or for those homeschoolers that are wanting to dissect things.

I don't think there is much difference between the home version or school version other then cost. Clearly a home subscriber isn't going to need the product loaded a bunch of computers. The fact that they give the home subscriber the ability to load the program on not 1 but 3 computers is a good deal for me. Not to mention that you can use the program for a whole year and do each dissection as often as you like during that year. So if you have multiple kids no big deal, they each can take the time to do their own dissection! That's a big benefit too!

The fact that you are allowed to do a dissection multiple times to me seems like a good deal. Each kid can do their own virtual dissection, or the child can do it over again and again and again. Some kids get more out of something if they can do it again and again and again.

The only downside I see is the fact it's virtual. Can't touch the item, no funny smells, no messy clean ups, not worrying about the 2 year old getting a hold of the specimen. Well, maybe they aren't downsides unless you really WANT those things! So check froguts out!

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