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April 14, 2009

UPDATE: To Nest Or Not To Nest!

When I made the post here I was certain that I was on the loosing side of my battle with these determine parents. They tried all day Thursday and were at it again on Friday Morning when I took the pictures.

However after the pictures I let it go: mainly because I was certain that I was on the loosing end and after a while I started to think what harm could come of it? Other then my fears of being attacked. After I took the pictures, on Friday, they hung out in the tree in the front yard. When we got up Saturday the birds were gone and there was no new signs of them trying to build the nest in the light fixture.

So I'm not sure what happened. They were determined on Thursday no matter what I did. They were here Friday Morning and determined until I stopped to take pictures of them in the tree, the light fixture, and the doorway. After the pictures, on Friday, they they stopped what they were doing and hung out in the tree in the front yard for the rest of the day. Then by Saturday they were gone.

Believe it or not, despite how I was feeling on Thursday and Friday Morning, I'm sad that they disappeared. I wonder other then be a little annoyed with me what made them disappear? Perhaps they didn't like the paparazzi (me taking pictures)? They were completely determined and still at it until I took pictures.

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