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February 23, 2012

Let's Talk About Blood?

Oh, boy! The human body, blood, hearts, lungs, etc. are all things that make Superstar very uneasy! Just seeing a cut makes him turn pale, so you can imagine what I'm going through this week, seeing our science chapter is about the circulatory system.

I'm making him get through it. I'm reading the material, reading the questions in the workbook, and having him verbally answer them. It's not a pretty scene.  I don't want to skip over the material just because it makes him uneasy, but at the same time I don't want him being so upset.

I know it's not an easy topic for him, but I think on some levels he's being a bit of a 'Drama King' about it all. I don't want to snap and tell him to knock it off, and just 'grow up', but at the same time that's what I want him to do.  I know it's hard, my husband doesn't like this stuff either and will actually leave the room or change the channel if any of this stuff is on or being discussed. I know that's exactly what Superstar wants to do, but we have to through it.

As I'm typing this out, I just had a brainy idea. I wonder if I can get my husband to teach this chapter to our son? I know he hates the topic as well, but perhaps the two of them can work it out together! It think I'm going to ask hubby tonight about that!

February 20, 2012

What's wrong with being quiet and polite?

It's funny the things people say to you about your own children.  Superstar has joined boy scouts recently. Well, at first he was in cub scouts, but just bridged over this passed weekend to boy scouts at the annual blue and gold banquet.

As preparation for the banquet the boys were invited to go to another scouters house to decorate cupcakes. It was an open house type event -- just show up whenever you can between 5-7.  It was decided I should take him because the host was another homeschooling mom and we thought it would be nice for me to able to meet her. It was nice to meet her!

Anyway, when we showed up and all the boys that were there were already downstairs playing games, because they had already decorated their cupcakes. As soon as we arrived Superstar washed his hands, decorated his cakes, rewashed his hand, and then walked up to me and said "Okay I'm done, we can go". I then said to him "Well, didn't you want to go downstairs and say hi to the other boys?" He looked at me and said "Oh, okay" and then asked our host if it was okay? She said sure go ahead. Clearly Superstar didn't catch the other parents mentioning how the boys were downstairs playing because they already decorated their cupcakes.

Another mother, not our host, said "Superstar is always so quiet and polite. We really need to break him out of his shell?" I really didn't know how to respond to that, other then to give an awkward little chuckle and smile and say "Yes, he can be a bit quiet at times".

I've been thinking about these words from some time and I really don't know why being polite is such a horrible thing! I will admit that when he doesn't know someone or at a new place he can be a bit quiet, but when he gets to know you he opens up more. I think that's normal. I wouldn't have given much thought if this mother only mention the quiet part, but given she mention in being "polite" too, I'm taken back the whole thing.

Are kids 10-11years of age no longer polite? Is it no longer acceptable?

February 11, 2012

The Wonders of Physics

Today we traveled to Madison, WI and attended the Wonder of Physics at University of Wisconsin.  This was a free program offered by UW physics department.  Even though it was a free program we had to preregister in order to be sure that we would have seats.

It was just over an hour long and we had a great time.  UW does have PASS shows available to watch on their site.  We found that the videos don't download correctly. So the best way to watch them is to copy the link and then paste it into your windows media player. The videos are free to watch.  Enjoy!
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