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March 22, 2012

How the new routine/schedule is working!

Back in January I mention how I was going to reshape our day. So that I 'school' superstar in the morning and web-princess in the afternoon. Well after some trail and error I found a routine that seems to be working for everyone.

This routine allows me to focus on one child at a time. In the morning Superstar does Math, Spelling, and English. I'm there to help him with those subjects, but I also do some house work, or little projects that need to be done, but can be easily put to the side if Superstar needs help.  While Superstar is working on those subjects Web-princess does some reading, wii fit, and piano practice.

After these things are done we do science and history together then break for lunch. After lunch it's Web-princess' turn to do Math, Spelling and English while Superstar does some reading, wii fit, and piano practice. This allows us to be done around 3:00 pm which good because Superstar has made some friends via scouts and they are home by 3:30 pm and at least twice a week are calling here asking if Superstar can play.

After dinner I've put in their time to read their McGuffy Reader lessons with mom. I think this works best, because it does allow us to be done by 3:00 pm and if daddy wants he can read the lessons with them.

It took us a while to figure it out, but so far so good!

March 20, 2012

Santorum and Duuggar Surprise

So Sunday I went and seen Romney, I also mention then that I would be going to see Santorum in person.  That's exactly what I did yesterday morning. Santorum was schedule to speak at 9 am and the doors to the club he was speaking at was going to open at 8 am, so the kids and I went and got there at 7 am. We stood at the door and waited until it was time to get in.

At 7 am it was just myself, my children and 1 other person. It stayed that way until about quarter after when a few more showed up. At a quarter after secret service came to the door and said we had to wait till 8 am. We said we understood that was fine --- they allowed us to stay. At about 7:50 they open up the door and let us come in. So the kids and I got to stand right in front of the podium.

There was nothing between us and Santurom other then a rope to mark that we could not go any closer.   The kids were getting excited because it meant that they would be able to SEE and HEAR what's going on.

We stood there and waited, by 8:30 the room started to fill in more. I was surprised by how slowly it took for the space to fill up.  I know the closer it got to 9 the more it filled in and people were no longer allowed into the actual room that Santurom was in, but had to stand in the OTHER room -- those poor people didn't get to see anything.  Santurom never walked the crowd or passed over his side of the rope line. So only those that were standing at the line got to meet him. We were apart of the lucky ones.  Santurom did pose with the kids, but he moved on before my phone was done taking the picture so I didn't get a very good shot. That and I was trying to back up to get the shot and the crowd behind was trying to push forward so the picture was all blurred, but I tried.

After we got the picture I moved the kids away from the crowd and took a picture of them with the poster that Santorum sign.

Then on our way out the door to my surprise I seen some Duggar children.  As soon as I seen them I knew they were Duggar children.

I got a picture with Jinger (and one of the younger Duggar boys); then asked her if the rest of the family was there or not. She said the whole family was there. So we went out, but because of the rain no one was really outside so I went back inside to see if I could see Michelle. I seen Josh and Jim Bob. I took a picture of Jim Bob.

 It was then I seen Jill. So I approached Jill and asked her if she knew where her mom was at. She said that mom was on the bus with the little ones. I then got a picture with Jill.

So I went back out and asked Jinger if they were all going to Dixon, IL with Santorum. She said yes, but wasn't sure how that was going to turn out seeing it was raining. The Dixon event was schedule to be outside. On the way out that time, we seen Jana so I got a picture of her too.

So I got in the car and debated if I should take the hour drive to Dixon. It wasn't so much the drive but the weather. I just wasn't sure if it would be worth my efforts.  However I decided to do it. I drove to Dixon and was able to meet and get a picture with Michele Duggar too!

 It was in Dixon I was able  to see many more of the children as as well. I seen them all really, but my phone started acting funny so I wasn't able to get any more pictures.

And as you can see in the picture with Michelle it stopped raining.

My kids were excited to see Santurom and be apart of that, but they were more excited and surprise to see the Duggars. Web-princess when she seen her dad last night said "Daddy my life long wish came true! I got to meet someone that has a TV show!"

March 18, 2012

Political Process

I so wished the kids wanted to come with me today.  They didn't want to come because they were afraid that we would get stuck seeing NOTHING like it was in Springfield when we went for the "homeschooling bill". They were disappointed that we were not able to make into the hearing room in Springfield that they didn't want to come with me in fear that the same thing would happen here.

This coming Tuesday is the Illinois primary and the race for the republican nomination is a close one.  So much so that 2 of the Republican candidates decided to come to my neck of the woods. Romney was here this afternoon and Santorum will be here tomorrow morning.  These are very last minute planned stops for the candidates....it wasn't announced until last night that they would be here.

So I went today and listen to what Romney had to say in person. C-span was there and filmed the whole thing. They filmed him talking to the crowd and filmed him greeting the people. I was seated in the back room of the resturant that Romney spoke at, so I wasn't able to see him speak, but was I able to hear him.

While he spoke he sent his wife into the back room to do a meet and greet. It was during the meet and greet I was able to get a picture with his wife.

We were looking at two different cameras for the the picture. Romney after he spoke came into the room and greeted everyone as well. I didn't get a picture of him and I, but I was able to snag a picture from c-span's video of me shaking his hand.

The kids WILL be going with me tomorrow morning to Santorum's Rally. I think that fact I got to see/hear Romney today is helping them feel better about going. That and they really won't have choice tomorrow seeing Daddy has to go to work! LOL

March 9, 2012

Making Laundry Soap!

I think I've jumped on that band wagon and will not return. Actually, I don't know if that's true or not!  I've been wanting to make my own soap for while, however I've not been sure on which directions to follow. They all pretty much use the same items, but the water to detergent ratios are different in each recipe I found. Sometimes it's 2 gallons, sometimes 5 gallons, or somewhere in between.  So I settled on doing a dry powder mix.

The one I really wanted to try the most was just a very big patch to try. The est. cost would have been around $20 and would have last 9 months to a year. However, I just didn't want to spend money making such a large batch in fear I would not like it.

So I found a similar recipe to try. The one I went with only used 1/2 cup of borax, 1/2 cup of washing soda, and one bar of soap. I had the borax, washing soda, and 1 bar of fels naptha on hand, because when I mention to my friends I wanted to try making my own soap, one of them stepped up and gave me the ingredients for free. (She tried making soap, but didn't like the results so she gave me what she didn't used).

I made the small batched and have washed just one load. So far okay, but over time I'll know for sure. If this seems to work out well, then I might step it up and do the larger batch seeing it has other items added to help fight of stains. Right now I'm using the the stain fighters I normally use.
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