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August 25, 2009

Where In The World...

Is Carmen Sandiego? LOL Do you remember that game? I remember playing that in computer lab in 6th-7th grade.

Actually this post is about: Where in The World Are the Readers of Catholic Christian Homeschooling? I use sitemeter to help track how many hits (visitors) per day I get and where those hits (visitors) come from.

The above picture of where my last 100 visitors came from. The red dot was the last one, the green dots are visitors 2-10, and the white ones are visitors 11-100. Of course if you look at my visitor meter it's clear that I've had more then 100 visitors, it's just I can only see the last 100 on the map.

As you can see I've had at least one hit from every continent but Antarctica! Why don't I get any hits (visitors) from Antarctica?? Is it illegal to homeschool in Antarctica? Are the people there against homeschooling? Or is it simply they just don't have internet? Why don't they have internet? You would think that with it being 2009 there would be internet in Antarctica!!

Maybe the people there are to busy trying to stay warm that they just don't care about blogs!!

Footnote: According to Wikipedia Antarctica has about 1,000 non-permanent residents. I'm sure they are there for "scientific" reasons; but honestly is it to much to ask for someone from Antarctica to visit my blog? LOL!!! --Cheesy Grin--

Hey, it's okay really!! I just think it's cool that I have touched the world with my little blog, well almost the world~~maybe some day I'll get a visitor from Antarctica.


  1. Will it make you feel better knowing that one of your readers (me) has a family member who did marine biology research in Antarctica 18 months ago? Uncle Bob even brought gifts back for us from gift shop at Mc Murdo Station. Who would have guessed that there would be a gift shop in Antarctica?

  2. LOL! That's funny Karen; who knew that there would be an GIFT SHOP in Antarctica! What kind of gifts did he bring back for you?

  3. Each of the girls got a tee shirt that said McMurdo Station. One had a penguin and the other had a killer whale. My husband got a shot glass with the buildings of McMurdo station etched on it. I didn't actually get a gift (Uncle Bob forgot me, I guess.), but I did get a CD of all the awesome pictures he took while he was on the research expedition.

  4. Now I don't know what's funnier. The fact that there is a gift shop in Antarctica or the fact that the gift shop sells T-SHIRTS! LOL

    So where in the World is Uncle Bob? LOL I'm so sorry that you didn't get a gift from this gift shop, but it does sound like you got some really cool pictures!!!

    I'm sure the girls T-SHIRTS will make for good show and tell items :)

  5. It's a good game! I asked DH today Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and he told me "usually in Istanbul/Constantinople" LOL

    I then had to explain to him that was the title of one of my most recent post! LOL

    Is he correct? Is she usually in Istanbul/Constantinople? LOL

  6. Since you asked, Uncle Bob is from Long Island, NY. He's a professor at SUNY.

  7. Crazy Antartic-ers... don't they know that computers warm a room? ;-) Glad I could add to the Rocky Mountain range of dots! I love site-meater because sometimes I feel I am speaking to an empty room! Looking at site meater lets me know that what I say does matter to people... so I keep 'talking'! ;-)

    btw... I LOVE Caremen Sandiago, when I was sick back in January I happened to have one of her DVDs from the library and I popped that in, slept on the couch while the kids learned some great international facts... and then some!

    Oh... and now I am going to have that song stuck in my head all day..."Istanbul/Constantinople, is it Istanbul/Constantinople... "


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