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December 30, 2008

Sacrament Preparation

DS is in 2nd grade and as most Catholic-Christian Mothers know it's a "big" year when it comes to the Sacraments. First Reconciliation AND First Communion...

I happen to be a RE (Religious Education) teacher at my home church. Seeing I spend the time to volunteer teach RE, I send my kids to the RE (CCD) classes. I'm not sure what other homeschooler do for RE, but for us it works; plus my kids really do enjoy going to the RE classes so there is no reason not to send them. Besides it only makes sense since I do teach them. :)

One thing that I know that I'm doing different then my parents is that I'm making it clear to my children that receiving the sacraments is totally THEIR choice. They do NOT have a choice in going to class, they must go to class, they must receive the preparation for sacraments, but it is totally THEIR choice to actually receive the sacraments or not to receive them.

They asked why do they have to learn about the sacraments, why do they have to go to the classes and I told them, because that's the only way they are going to know if they want to receive the sacraments or not. They need to know about them and know what they are in order to make a decision if that is something they want to do or not do.

The First Reconciliation is schedule to happen the end of January. That's just one month from now: As of today DS is wanting to go to Reconciliation, and I can tell you that to me is a good thing!! I would naturally be disappointed if he choose not to do it, but I can respect that.

He for his bed time story wanted DH to read the mini-book we have on the sacraments. So DH read it; He also asked questions on how would he know if God wanted him to be a priest or not. DH told him PRAYER and talking to other people, especially a priest... So who knows what God has in store for my little boy.

This year it's my DS, next year my DD will be going through the same sacrament preparations. WOW!!! Sometimes I'm just in shock of how old they are now; it at times only seems as if yesterday they were in diapers and learning how to walk. Where did the time go??

I pray that my children have the will to LISTEN to God's direction; It's so easy for God to lead, but it's not always easy to follow. I'm not sure how other Catholic-Christian parents feel about leaving the decision to actually receiving the sacraments up to their children, but I feel that it's the right thing to do.

If we train them up the in the way they are suppose to go they will NOT stray. So I have FAITH that they will do what God wants from them to do, I'm giving them the tools and training they need.


So today went much, much, better then yesterday. I'm so thankful for that!!

I'm not sure what made the difference today. Our day was the same as yesterday (as far as the lesson layout/schedule), but it clearly was much better. DD and I had a heart to heart last night, I cried and she cried and today it was better. I noticed a shift in her attitude towards math. I praised her several times for that change!!

I'm hoping that tomorrow will yield the same result. I know it's New Year's Eve tomorrow and New Year's Day on Thursday, but for us it's really just another day.

It was nice to be done with the school work in 2-3 hours!!! That's the way it should be (in my opinion)!!

It's not practical

It's not practical or you need a back up plan are things we hear a lot. I know it was something I heard a lot growing up. Johny would mention to everyone how he's going to be a basketball player and the adults around him would say that's nice Johny, but not everyone is going to be the next Micheal Jordan so you need to have a "back up".

Susie would talk of being an famous actress only to hear things such as it's not practical, it won't pay the bills, it's not the kind of life that is good for a family, etc. The reasons and list of why a person shouldn't shoot for those dreams are endless. The arts are something that just isn't valued and we wonder why they are disappearing from the PS (public school[s]).

The above video was/is a huge eye opener for me.

If you have 20 minutes please spend it watching the above. I found this after I made my decision to homeschool and it was refreshing. It really (for us) helped cement in our minds that we were/are doing the right thing.

I guess that is why I was floored to listen to several of the moms in my homeschool group talk about their children and they have "dreams" of being a dancer, artist, etc. Not only were they talking about their children dreams, but how they have been telling them to get "real". That those dreams are not going to buy food, pay the light bill, or even keep a roof over their heads. (These kids are very close to my own kids ages. The oldest can't be any more then 9, and they are being told to get real.)

It is a given that I don't want my children to be homeless nor do I want them starving. However, I also don't want to squash their dreams, their creativity, their hopes, by some statement from me saying how it's not practical.

I was taken back by the moms in my group. I thought one of the reasons to homeschool was to provide an environment that the WHOLE child could flourish in. My kids have expressed many interests in being this or that. It changes day by day sometimes. When I'm face with it I tell them that's great and share with them the "work" that is involved to make it happen.

December 29, 2008

MATH!!! We are driving each other crazy

Well our day started good and for DS it went went really well! He stayed focus and moved right along at a pace that I've never seen out of him before. It was great!! Quick, Easy, and knowledgeable....he's done and has been done for a while now!!!

DD was doing good until it came time for her "independent" work: Spelling, Math, and Reading. Spelling she put up a front, but I worked through it and it got done.

Math is even a stronger front and we still have 1/2 of it to do!!! I hate this with her. She can do the work, I know she can, but she just wont do it.....It's just frustrating beyond believe. I can't sit next to her while she does each and every problem. Don't get me wrong I will help her; I want to help her, but I also want her to do the work on her own. I want to be able to put a load of laundry in, wash some dishes, sweep the floor etc while she's working and if she needs my help with a problem then fine I'll stop what I'm doing and help.

I just don't want to sit next to her the whole time and watch her do the work and then have her ask me if her answer is correct before she writes the answer. UGH!!!

Is it really that hard to ask a 6 (almost 7 year old) to do some math work on her own!!! I guess what upsets me the most is I know if she was still in PS (public school) is that the teacher would not sit with her for each and every problem, so why does she expect me to sit with her for every problem??? UGH!!!

One more time: UGH!!!!

And to top it of she still has reading to do and here it is after 1 pm and I'm thinking about how dinner needs to be made the house needs to be clean and now I'm not sure if it's going to get done....I may be up late again tonight, not because I can't sleep but because I feel like I need to get ORDER into my home!!!!

Why??? Why??? Does it have to be like this!!!!! Help Me!!

December 28, 2008


Sleepless nights! Why?? I know that I need to rest so I can be the best I can be for the kids tomorrow....what good is the "teacher" when she's sleepy and worn out!!

Sometimes I'm just restless and I can't sleep: I don't understand why?? Perhaps I'm nervous about this week, about tomorrow (although tomorrow will be here in less then 20 minutes).

I've decided to take a little bit different approach with the schooling, so I'm sure that is playing on me. I'm worried about the kids acceptance. I'm also worried about them "listening". We are going to be doing more Mommy reads and you listen.

I've tired doing some of that before, but it was faced with statements like "boring". I should point out as soon as I mention I was going to grab a book I got the response "boring"; the kids just didn't want to do it, so before we could even start they would start saying how boring it was. I, of course, being the "newbie" would just roll with that and do something else, but after months of doing that I want change.

I want the kids to do somethings that I want them to do, even if they think it's "boring". There are things that I've been wanting to read to them or have them listen too; so I'm taking this on and we are going to be doing something that the kids may think are boring, but I think it will do them good and me good.

Of course I don't want this to become a fight, but I think it's time we do things a little different. I know my own fears about how the kids will react is what is keeping me up. So I pray that it goes well!! A post later tomorrow (yep I check the clock it's still Sunday) will let you know how it went.

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For some reason unknown to me the HTML on my previous homeschooling blog got messed up! I'm sure it got messed up by me, because I'm HTML clueless. I felt that I needed to start over.

Hopefully I can learn about HTML so I don't make those rookie mistakes again. I don't want to be starting over, but I feel that I don't have any choice at this point.

Maybe it won't be all bad! I've decided to change the way we "do school" so maybe a new blog won't be bad!!! LOL

Live and Learn and then get......

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