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September 17, 2010

America The Story Of Us

Back in March I shared how the history channel was giving away FREE copies of America The Story of Us.  Well Just wanted to share that our FREE copy arrived today.  This is several weeks later then I expected but I'm still thrilled that it's here.  Have you received yours yet?


  1. Yes, we got ours a couple of days ago! Thanks again for having shared that link ;D

  2. Sorry to say I missed this! :> (
    I'm glad you finally got your DVD.

    Thank you for sharing the link!


  3. We got ours a few days ago and yesterday the NASA one about the stars showed up. Thanks for alerting me to both of them.

  4. we have NOT gotten our star one yet! Did you Karen get a email from them saying they would be delay in filling the order? I got that email a few weeks ago and it made it sound like it would be several months before I received my copy.

    I'm glad though that you got both of yours already!


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