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July 8, 2009

NOT going to be great all day!

That is what my DD (7) told me this morning! Actually this was her full statement:
He (Daddy) does know how to make sandwiches, but that's NOT going to be great all day!

I'm leavin on a jet plane I don't know when Ill be back again on Friday bound for MI and I'll be back on Monday. One of the things I have to do TODAY to prepare for this trip is to buy some food for them to eat while on gone. It has to be simple things my lovely DH can cook, make.

I asked him for some ideas of what he thinks he can handle. He told me just to get some stovetop stuffing. My DH in his bachelor days would eat a box of stovetop stuffing for dinner! That would be his whole meal a box of stovetop stuffing!

I just turned to him and said "After over 9 years of marriage you haven't learn anything? Isn't there some simple meal that you can handle?"

So just lets say I'm worried about my kids and what they will be fed over this coming weekend! So PLEASE give me some tips, advice, simple meals, that my DH can handle for this weekend. After all DD has already said that eating sandwiches ALL DAY is not going to be great!


  1. How about frozen pizzas? I know it isn't the healthiest, but it is a fun, easy to make meal. Can he grill? If so, that opens up hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Grab some baby carrots and fresh fruit, and that is an easy balanced meal. If your kiddos will eat cooked vegetables they have those microwave steamed veggies. All you do is put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, and viola yummy cooked veggies. Add the grilled chicken to his favorite Stove Top and it actually would be a great meal. Leave lots of boxed cereal and PB&J just in case. It is only a weekend. They will survive, and will appreciate Momma's cooking so much more when you are back next week. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Yes, he can grill so those ideas are good. I didn't even think about the grill. Kids will eat veggies cook and raw, so that's good too.

    I figured frozen pizzas would be on the menu and I figure that they could eat a salad with the pizzas (my kids love salads).

    DH did also ask for some banquet fried Chicken. Another one of his bachelor day meals!

  3. spagetti is always easy. It doesn't take any know how to warm up the sauce and boil the water for the spagetti.

  4. aw yes, spaghetti. That would be good but my kiddos won't eat it. something about the noodles and sauce.

    They will eat ravioli, and other red sauces, but no spaghetti. Like wise DH will NOT eat macaroni noodles.

  5. I like making big batches of tuna salad or chicken salad with veggies chopped up really small when I go away. And peanut butter for my picky eater. Then I leave tortillas and bread and baby carrots and they have sandwiches and steamed baby carrots for pretty much every meal. It works because there is no actual cooking involved and it makes up in ease what it lacks in variety!!! Also, baking some potatoes in advance is cheap and he can fry them up or mash them and cover them with cheese.

  6. Thanks everyone for your input!


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