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June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson, Children, Homeschooling

Michael Jackson and Homeschooling? Really? I never thought I had much in common with the "King of Pop". I knew he had kids, but to be honest I didn't really pay that much attention to his children. It never crossed my mind! It's funny how death can draw things into the light things that we may not think about!

Who will take care of the kids? Where will they go to school? Or will they continue the education that they have now? Ideas that many of us don't think about!The reporters are all speculating who will raise and care for Micheal's kids. From the segment above I gathered that Michael Jackson's kids have been "homeschooled". It never crossed my mind that Michael Jackson would be a homeschooler! It never crossed my mind that Michael Jackson's kids were homeschooled!

The only thing I have to say is that I was disappointed by what I took to be a negative reaction to homeschooling from the middle guest. First I do know that Michael lived a shelter life and that he, like most celebs, tried to keep the kids out of the media. Second, even if they did go "to school" it wouldn't have been normal by any means because of who their father was!

Seriously I'm sure they would have wondered: Are they being friends with me because they like me? Or are they being friends with me because of who my father is? My Aunt is? My Uncles are?

Does anyone think that Obama's kids are having a "normal" childhood and are making "normal" relationship with other children just because they are "in school"? Do you think they can just have sleep-overs, or go to play date at the park with John and Jane?

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  1. his kids from what I read are very well educated they are fluent in 3 languages, very well mannered , and have traveled the world sounds like they had a great life with thier father. I think people are just jealous, and always want to paint a negative picture of things.I know most kids would love a life like that- heck I would and I am 41:-)And if he could do that for them good for him, he was very hands on with his kids and tried to give them anormal life can;t see any problem with that and sounds like he wanted them to havethe childhood he never had.

    I thought it ws really sad how he was not dead for 24 hours and already the media was talking about how this was a drug death, and just bad mouthing him, for Lords sake he is dead his family is grieving, let them have some peace.I really do not like liberal news at all.

  2. The media and the homeschooling community were never a good mix - a homeschooler stands out among the crowd and the media makes it out like it's abnormal...same goes if a family that happens to homeschool gets into some trouble with the law...so for me, the reaction from media (specifically with that middle guest) isn't too surprising.

    As for Michael's kids, it's anyone's guess at this point who will get custody...I just hope it will turn out well for them.


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