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October 29, 2009

Seriously? Is that really necessary!

I know that H1N1 has lots of school districts worried. I understand the need to educate people and telling them to stay home if they are ill. In my opinion that is common sense: No Biggie!

However the local news report had me saying "What? That's just a big waste of money!" It was reported that the school district here just received 10,000 temperature strips. These disposable temperature strips will be SENT HOME with students within the next couple of days. Each family will get 4 one-time-use strip.

The reason the school is sending these home is because they recognize that there may be families that do not have access to a thermometer. That may very well true, but wouldn't it be more beneficial to give a a family a real digital thermometer that can be used again and again, vs. these 1 time temperature strips?

If the goal is to provide families with a  thermometer fine, but why not give them something that will last them? I'm sure MORE families would have been helped. Just another example of how my tax money is being wasted.


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