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September 3, 2009

Obama, Department of Education, September 8th.

What does Obama, Department of Education, and September 8th have in common? Well, President Obama has planned a 15-20 minute speech for September 8th. In his speech he will be addressing the nations children. The Department of Education is encouraging public school principals across the nation to show this speech to the children (during school hours). Not only that but the Department of Education has also sent out lesson plans with the announcement of this speech, encouraging the teachers to use these lesson plans. The Department of Education has also stated that the White House has had a hand in making these lesson plans.

The lesson plans had caused such a stir that the Department of Education has changed the wording in the lesson plans: WH withdraws call for students to 'help' Obama - Washington Times.

Is this indoctrination? Does this belong in schools? I will leave that for you to decided. Read the articles, Google it, do your own research and come to your own conclusion on what all of this means, if any thing.

Personally, I'm troubled, not so much with the speech, seeing it hasn't been here yet. I'll reserve my judgment on that until after I see the speech. I'm troubled by the actions surrounded this upcoming speech. I'm troubled by the FACT that the White House had its hand in making lesson plans for the children, regarding this speech. I'm troubled that this address is taking place during school hours. I believe that if the president want to address the nations children in a speech that it should be done at a time where the parents can be directly involved. At a time where the parents can sit down and watch with their children. I don't think the Department of Education should be using its limited resources (tax payer money) to make up lesson plans to go with a president's speech.

I'm interested to see what becomes of the speech. If it truly is about staying in school, then what's wrong with just showing the kids a simple Public Service Announcement?

Yes, I know that in 1991 President Bush (Sr) made a speech to the school children and that in its time it was criticized as being political, etc.  I really can't speak for the political climate of the time, seeing in 1991 I was 12 (about 6th grade). I didn't care about politics then, and I don't even recall seeing a president's speech @ school. I remember the sex ed video I had to watch in 6th grade. I remember the solar eclipse that happen that year and how we spent the day watching it. Of course we did NOT look at the sun, we used paper with a hole in it to monitor the progress. I have NO memory of this speech by President Bush. And if it was something that was done via school hours, then that's a shame, because I still believe something like that should be done at a time when a parent can sit and watch with their kids.

However, I already know that there is one significant difference between that speech in 1991 and the up coming speech. The speech in 1991 did NOT include lesson plans from the Department of Education.

UPDATE: I just read a report that stated some schools will NOT allow parents to let their kids opt-out from hearing Obama's Speech.

UPDATE: Obama will release the text of the speech on Monday. 24 hours before the speech is schedule to take place.


  1. I could not agree with you more! This is something that should be done when the parents are present, and it is very disturbing that a lesson plan has been devised.

  2. Thanks Cassie for sharing your input :)

  3. This whole thing really has me irritated. I blogged about this yesterday and today I emailed the principal of our public school and asked if the children would be required to watch this speech. I'm hoping that our school won't air it.
    This whole thing reminds me of a Communist or Socialist government. I'm against my children being politically indoctrinated without my consent.

  4. Karen-It's for those reasons that I strongly feel that if something like this is going to be done, that it should be done OUTSIDE of school. Why doesn't Obama air his speech in prime time when the parents and children can watch together? Surely he could get the air time. :)

    I've tired searching more info about Bush's 1991 speech so I could make some comparisons between the 2, but I can't find anymore info then what I have already added to my blog post.

    I sincerely do NOT remember (mind you I was 12) listening to the president address the nation's children while in school.

    I remember being 13 and 14 and having to watch the morning news in Social Studies class and having to take notes on it, but I don't remember watching an address given by the president while IN school (aka during school hours).

  5. This is indoctrination pure and simple. We are on a very slippery slope in this country!Not to sound uncharitable, but I have a file for those lesson plans.(Sorry, but this infuriates me.)

  6. Thanks Karinann for sharing your thoughts :)


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