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June 10, 2009

Free Catholic VBS program: At Home

It's summer time which for many means VBS time! Vacation Bible School is a fun time for many, but what are Catholic-Children to do? Are there "Catholic" VBS programs? Do we send our kids to a non-Catholic program? It's not always easy to decided what to do when it comes to VBS or any other programs that are out there. We want our children to enjoy the benefit of VBS, but often we run the risk of "confusing" them with things that might not be "Catholic".

I don't have any issues with non-Catholics, and I don't want to come across the wrong way. So I'll take a moment to explain myself. First we share many beliefs with Non-Catholic, Trinity, Faith, Hope, Grace, 10 commandments, Bible, Heaven, Hell, just to name of a few. However at the same time we have different opinions when it comes to communion, Eucharist, salvation, etc. It is because of those difference that I don't send my child to a non-Catholic program. It's not that I feel it's wrong, I just don't feel it's the best place for MY child to be. I don't want to sending them confusing signals. It's different when they are older, but at this young age I feel that their feet should be firmly planted in what Catholicism teaches before exposing them to other faiths including other Christian Faiths.

It's a lot like reading or doing math. You have to understand the alphabet or be able to count before you can read words or add numbers. You read simple words or do simple addition problems before reading long words and doing multiplication problems. You start at the beginning and build your understanding up. I feel the same way with religion. I want my kids to have a good starting point, a good basic understanding of Catholicism before exposing them to other faiths. It is for that reason I don't send my kids to non-catholic religious programs.

It was for those reasons outlined above that I was thrilled to have come across Holy Heroes and their 2009 Summer-Catholic VBS program. It really is more of a Catholic VBS Kit, seeing they send you everything you need via email to run VBS from the comfort of your home and backyard!

When you register you will be given the option to select a week starting in July for them to send their daily (5) emails to help you run the VBS. The emails will include short videos, activities, prayers, songs, all-new coloring pages, quizzes, and puzzles, everything you need to have VBS!! Not only that it's FREE!!! So what do you have to loose? Nothing really!

We've registered our family! Our VBS will be for the week of July 20-24, 2009. Perhaps some of my readers will like to join us that week and we can talk about we did, our kids reactions, the kids can converse and share their input all in our Forum Section! I have added a topic in the forum section just for VBS 2009!!


  1. Very informative post, thanks. :)

  2. You're welcome shawntele :) I also just wanted to say I like your new avatar :)

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!! AND FREE!!!!!!!!
    We will JOIN YOU GUYS the week of July 20-24...I am off to register now!
    Side note: My parish does have "Catholic VBS"...they just call it "Children's Retreat"...but it's run the same...one week each year...this year they had so many sign up they had to do TWO weeks!

  4. That's so cool Judy that you guys have that. None of the Catholic-Church here do, not even mine and we are the seed of the dioceses. (My home parish is the Cathedral for the dioceses i.e. the Bishop's Church). Anyway I think it's so cool that your parish/church offers that!


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