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July 21, 2009

MRI: Nightmare

This whole business with the MRI is turning out to be a nightmare. My son (8) needs one done because of his toe walking. I finally was able to schedule the MRI today. I tried a few times yesterday, but the hospital didn't have the order. It turns out the Dr. office had our insurance info wrong, they had us a HMO when we really are an PPO. So once that was corrected they were able to submit the order.

I called today and set up the time and date for the MRI. That part wasn't so bad, but that is what set off my nightmare. I found out that the DR actually wants 2 different MRIs so it's going to take 2 hours. They asked me if he could lay still for those 2 hours and I said yes....

Well I get of the phone, explained everything to my son, and he immediately started to cry. He feels that it's impossible for him to lay still for 2 hours. After spending 20 minutes trying to console him and having him watch videos on MRIs, I wasn't getting any where. So I IM DH and told him what was going on. DH IMed me back and told me to call the hospital to see if they can give him something to help him relax.

So I called the hospital explain the situation and got told that our only other option is to have DS be put under anesthesia. However in order to do that I would have to cancel the MRI, call the Dr. office and have them resubmit the order with anesthesia. Then I would have to call the hospital and reschedule the MRI for a time when an anesthesiologist is available.

So I then explain to my son that he has a second option, that they can put him to sleep. Well that made him cry even more. I've already have spend the last 2 hours trying to console him. I'm not getting anywhere. He honestly doesn't feel that he can't be still for 2 hours and the idea of going to sleep is freaking him out more, because he's afraid that he won't wake up.

He's crying, I'm crying, this is just a nightmare. Wake me when it's over.


  1. ((hugs)) I think it's an awful lot to ask anybody to be able to lay still for 2 hours like that. I know I couldn't! For a dr to even ask if he could lay still like that, I'd be screaming at him. This is scary to a child, to hafta be put on meds to go to sleep for that long. I think if you explained that they give you meds and you fall asleep. When you wake up, it'll be all over and you'll be fine. I really hope you can work all this out. ((hugs))

  2. They're going to give him a little squeeze ball thing to hold on to. If he needs to come out of the tube he can squeeze it and they'll take him out. It will make the process take longer, but if he really can't stay still for two hours (that's a really long time for anyone) I'm sure they can break it down a little. I've had them done on my spine, knee and foot, and I don't recall any of them taking more than 45 minutes each.

  3. We talked to the Dr. office again later this evening and learned that it really will just be his legs, "in the machine". It's because the type of MRI machine they are using. They also told us that he can have his favorite stuff animal with him. So that made him calm down too. So we are going to go head and keep the appointment as is for Monday Afternoon, he will not be under anesthesia. We are going to try without it.

  4. My older son needed an MRI on his sinuses at age 7. He did have to lay still -- on his stomach with his chin on a little ledge -- for 45 minutes. I was SHOCKED that he could do it! Two hours would be ridiculous, IMO. I don't know how old your son is, but I'm almost 46 and wouldn't be able to do it, LOL!

    For my little nephew's MRI as an infant they put him to sleep. I think it's probably best. A 2-hour procedure could turn into 4 hours if the kid is wiggly enough. Or falls asleep and has restless leg syndrome, LOL!

    I feel for you. Having our kids undergo any type of procedure is miserable on Mama.

  5. It's 2 hours because he needs 2 MRI.
    So they are saying each MRI is going to take 1 hour. PERHAPS they are accounting for the fact that he's young (8) and may move a little bit more then your average adult.

  6. SAHMinIl...perhaps they'd allow him to listen to some quiet audio stories to help him lie still? If he's not allowed a headset, maybe you'd be able to place a little audio player nearby? Or some soothing music?
    The kids and I will be praying for him!

  7. My almost 6 year old needed 2 MRI's last Jan for a head concussion. We could have gone to a county hospital near us, but they don't do anesthesia and the referring doctor's office was not comfortable with this. So we went to the big city hospital that specialized in kid mri's. They were great at showing him what to expect and making him feel comfortable. When they called and needed him to come back for a second MRI he did it with no anesthesia and no problem. (Shorter time than your son, but head in, of course)
    Anyway, your son will be in my prayers.


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