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December 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland Blues

I know this week many other people have already gotten their winter wonderland. Now it's our turn! The snow is coming down. We already have about an inch and will get 10 inches before the system is done later tonight.

I know many kids are happy and thrilled to have the snow, especially that first major snow fall. However, I have one little boy that is feeling blue today! He can't go outside and play due to the casts that are on his feet. They can't get wet!

So no outside fun for us today! This is one of those it sucks moments!


  1. Here's hoping you are enjoying your winter wonderland, despite the limitations.

  2. You could put some snow in a plastic bin and let him play with it at the kitchen table or on the floor (with his casts away from the snow, of course).

  3. Thanks Karen for your suggestion!!! I think we'll do that tomorrow :) Seeing he's in bed now. Thanks again!

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Karen. I have brought snow in before when mine were to sick to go out. Maybe a plastic bag around the casts to be sure none gets on them.
    Good luck and enjoy the snow.

  5. Thank Becky- Honestly I don't know why I didn't think of that! Thanks Ladies!

  6. Thanks for the link!
    Aw...c'mon...couldn't we just WRAP Superstar REALLY REALLY good and pull him around for a little sled ride without putting his feet on the ground? PLEEEASE! Or let him throw some snowballs at Daddy out the bedroom window!!!

  7. Jude- That's EXACTLY what my mom said when she ACCIDENTALLY called me this morning! I answered the phone and I got "OH it's you, I was trying to call my hubby!" So since I had her on the phone I told her about Superstar and she told me do exactly what you said to do. LOL

    Honestly Superstar is TOO worried about getting them wet to even be willing to do that. I did however brought the snow in he had a great time playing with it in the bathroom. I'll have to get the pictures up later.



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