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July 2, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Method of Homeschooling

I've heard of Eclectic, Unit Studies, Charlotte Mason, School At Home, Unschooling, along with many others. However for the very first time this week I heard of The Thomas Jefferson Method.

In my quest to find out if Michael Jackson really homeschooled his children. I came across this CBS Early Show Clip. In this clip this homeschooling Mom talks about how she can complete her child's 3rd grade requirements in ONE month!!

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Wow, being able to teach your child's education requirements in ONE month, is this to good to be true? Or how about their reading level going from beginner to high school in 100 hours? Honestly I'm on the fence. I really don't know if it's possible.

I did do some research on the Thomas Jefferson Method had have discovered that as long as the Seven Keys are being used, parents are setting an example of studying, and children are being taught using the Phases of Learning as a guide, it is Thomas Jefferson Method.

Is anybody more familiar with the Thomas Jefferson Method? Can any body offer any insight, tips, comments. I'm very interested in this....

Edit Add: Book Notes~A Thomas Jefferson Education (Thanks Shawntele for sharing this with us)


  1. I recently read a book on Jefferson education, you can read my post about it here:

  2. Thank-you Shawntele for sharing your post here! This is something I definitely want to learn more about. :)

  3. Oh, I love TJ, very interesting!

  4. I'm almost positive that last week's interview on Daily Blessings (I think it was Stephanie's) listed TJ as her curriculum. She's on the Lounge so you could find her in her nook I'm sure.

  5. Thanks Judy :) I'll go check it out


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