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July 8, 2009

Instant School Room!

Okay, in this clip it talked about a "home office" but I'm sure the same principles could be applied to make a "school room".

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I've mention before how I don't have a school room. Now if I only had a dinning room! LOL Or maybe I can use the same principles, ideas, to my kitchen! Kitchen at Night and Weekends, Official School Room during the day!

Or seeing I store things in my living room, perhaps I can get some kind of cabinet that would be more suitable for the living room and "hide" our school things!

Wheels are spinning!

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  1. I really like the Instant School Room idea! I am blessed to have a seperate room, however, it is in the back (dark) half of my daylight basement! We often migrate upstairs into the living room where it is bright and cheerful. You have my wheels turning as well!! Thanks!

    Btw... I have a friend who has a really neat cart on wheels. She has no space (and no dining room) for homeschooling her kids. She puts all their stuff in her cart and wheels it into a closet when company is coming :-)

  2. We don't have a schoolroom either. We don't even have a dining room! We are in a small townhome that has a living room and kitchen on the ground floor with bedrooms upstairs.

    When the kids were little they had their pencil boxes that were filled with supplies. They kept them nearby and we schooled on an old table in the kitchen. We also had a portable tote thingie from Target (I guess it's used to hold cleansers) that I filled with flashcards, Rummy Roots, etc. When it came out, school was on!

    Now we've remodeled the kitchen with a peninsula and high chairs. The kids are going into 7th and 10th grades this year and prefer desks in their rooms for "think work". We hang out on the couch together for history, logic, and other "together" subjects.

    Best new thing: bookcase up on the landing using the old wooden bunkbed slats as the boards between cinder bricks. Check out my blog for a picture!


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