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July 8, 2009

IMPORTANT! Children's Web Site Under Attack by Identity Thieves

From Fox News:

The popular Web site Neopets has a reputation for being kid-friendly and kid-safe. It has been hit by Internet pirates, according to Christopher Boyd, director of malware research at FaceTime Communications Inc., a California-based Internet security company.

The scam takes advantage of kids willing to pay big for a "magic paintbrush," the rare and pricey item that lets kids change their pets' colors.

They're sent a seemingly innocuous e-mail or private message on the Neopets bulletin boards telling them about a secret Web site that will let them make their own magic paintbrushes — without having to spend precious points for them.

But when the child clicks on the link for more information, malware — software created to damage or penetrate a computer system — is automatically downloaded and installed on their home computers.

Not only does the child never get the anticipated paintbrush, the malicious software then is in place to wreak havoc with his or her parents' financial data by culling private information from the now-infected PC.

Passwords to banking sites, account information, Social Security and credit card numbers all become fair game.

"The overall aim is hoping a child's parent does [online] banking," says Boyd, a security expert. "The child is being used as a launch pad to get to the parent."


Source Fox News!

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