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July 19, 2009

VBS and General House Keeping

This week we are going to be doing a FREE At-Home-VBS program thanks to Holy Heroes. We are supper excited about this! Especially seeing our pen-pals will be doing the same VBS this week. They are in PA and we are in IL, but thanks to Holy Heroes and the internet we get to do VBS together. I got the first email for this week and as promise it was load with all kind of fun things for the kids to do. At the end of the week I'll post an update on how things went.

Now the General House Keeping: First you may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog to Catholic Christian Homeschooling. Catholic Christian Homeschooling reflects my url better and this is important seeing I'm considering getting my own custom domain. This isn't going to be any time supper soon, but it is something in the works. You may have also noticed the custom banner. That is something that I made with photoshop. I'm not very good with photoshop, but I'm happy with the results. I hope you like it.

Also, in the right hand side bar you may have noticed the Yahoo Messenger Pingbox, that was added this weekend. This widget will allow my visitors to chat with me LIVE assuming I'm online when visitors are visiting my blog. If I'm online just enter in a nickname and start typing right there in the widget. I'll see your message and will type back assuming I'm not busy at that moment. :) Oh and it's a private chat (IM). This means the only people that can see the chat would be me and the visitor that I am chatting with.

Rediscovering Catholicism Winners have been announced. A list of winners can be found here.

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