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July 26, 2009

Why can't they tell the gender?

This is so very frustrating! I don't know if other parents have this issue or not, but I wanted to share. So in April and over last winter both kids were sporting longer hair-dos.

Here is Exhibit A:
This is DD and DS together back in April of this year (2009)

This is DS by himself back in April 2009.

Now that it is summer they both are sporting shorter hair dos.
Here is Exhibit B:
This is DD by herself, earlier this week.

This is DD and DS together. This picture was also taken earlier this week.

Now over the winter and even in April we were getting comments like oh what cute girls, or if out to eat what do the girls want. It didn't matter what DS was wearing he could be in a very "boy" outfit and because of his longer hair he was labeled as a girl.

Now that DD is sporting a shorter hair do she's being called a boy. Just tonight at the restaurant the hostess that sat us, took our drink orders, and asked us what do the boys want to drink! DH just looked at me in discuss. Our DD was wearing the same shirt short-sleeve stripe shirt that she's wearing in the picture above with a jean skirt with flowers and pink shoes. It doesn't matter she can be in a "girly outfit" and will still get labeled as a boy now that her hair is shorter.

It just frustrating! period! I just don't understand why there is gender confusion when it comes to my kids. Beside making my DS keeping his hair short and my DD keeping her hair long, I don't know what I can do to stop the gender confusion!

It doesn't matter what clothing they are wearing, people are just looking at the hair! UGH!


  1. I don't think it is gender confusion...I think its stupidity. There are tons of little girls who have short hair and tons of boys who have longer hair...its the style..people do not pay attention..sorry your kids have to put up with it!

  2. Thanks Judy and Jessica for your input! Of course I think my kids are adorable!!! And Jessica I think you might be right it's just people not paying attention!

  3. I hate to say it, but it is because your son is a very pretty boy. Look at that sweet face. I know because my oldest was confused for a girl until he was at least 5 or 6. When he was younger, longer hairstyles were not "in" for boys, so he had very short hair back then. I know it is frustrating. The up side is, he'll outgrow the comments, but that beautiful/handsome face will still be there. :)
    I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by, and the advice on blogger.

  4. Okay, so you can hate me for saying it, but not being a regular reader, I didn't know what genders your kids are (I looked at both pictures before reading any text). In the first picture, I thought they might both be girls, and then in the bottom picture, I thought they might both be boys. But, it is a lot harder to tell in pictures than in person, I imagine, so maybe that's not fair. So, feel free to be frustrated with me. Sorry!

  5. Sounds as though the people aren't being very observant. Their facial features and hair are very, very similar and many times people go from the first glance and simply don't look to make sure of what they thought they saw. Also, lots of people are so wrapped up in themselves that other people and their feelings just don't matter. I am sure this is very hard for your children, just try to remind them, dh and yourself that people can only hurt you if you let them. My suggestion is to try to use humor to alleviate some of the frustration.


  6. My youngest is alllll girl, but she sometimes gets refered to as a boy. Very annoying.


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