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July 8, 2009

Just Over 24 Hours Left! Enter Today!

Reminder the Rediscovering Catholicism Giveaway is still open! As of now we have 17 entries! If you would like to enter then PLEASE DO SO TODAY! All entries must be posted BEFORE 5:00 pm, July 9th! (That's central standard time by the the way)

I do have comment moderation on, but I can see what time the post was made. I will accept all post that are time-stamped BEFORE 5pm July 9th. So as long as you make the post before 5pm you are good! (Even if they aren't visible before 5 pm).

As I mention in the post: Not going to be a great day, I'm leaving for the weekend, so I'm a little busy, thus I may not get all of the comments up and approved before Thursday Night. So I wanted everyone to know that it's based on when the entry is made, not when I make it visible!

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