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July 9, 2009

Rediscovering Catholicism Giveaway Closed!!

The giveaway has officially been closed now. I WILL announce a winner on July 15th. The reason for the delay is because I'm leaving on a Jet Plane and I don't know......

Anyway Winners will be announced on July 15th!!


  1. Thanks for visiting me at my Blog!! I love to make new friends..It's nice to meet you!!
    Blessings, Jerelene

  2. I missed the giveaway, but that's okay! I did enjoy visit your blog: to see what you are writing about and to learn a little bit. I think I told you in another post that my oldest (14yo) is moving to a UMS this fall, so I'll be semi-homeschooling 2 days a week. So your advice and links are very helpful!

    Hope you had a great birthday and a great trip to Michigan. My 40th was a few weeks ago, and I was very excited about 40. (My 30th was terrible; everyone but my parents forgot!)

    Will visit again soon! Thank you!


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