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November 29, 2009

How important is it to know your state homeschool laws?

Just how important is it to know your state homeschool laws? Well if you ask these moms in Indiana it's very important. So important that it could have spared them from being charged with a felony, and pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.

If you are going to homeschool or if you are homeschooling it's critical that you KNOW your state laws and that YOU FOLLOW them! This could save you many heart-aches and being charged with a felony. Not only that but it can also help insure that homeschooling is an option for EVERYONE.

How do I learn about my state laws?

  • 1) Visit HSLDA: State Laws
  • 2) Visit YOUR STATE department of education website and look for homeschooling or home education laws.
  • 3) Read the laws and understand them!
  • 4) Review them regularly to be sure something hasn't changed.

I'm not about to list all of the individual states' department of education websites. I'm sure that most of my visitors will know how to Google for those things.

However if you live in Illinois like me: Illinois State Board Of Education: Homeschooling

PLEASE, PLEASE if you are going to homeschool know your laws!! Don't rely on someone else to inform you, especially those that work in public schools. If you withdrawal your children from Public School (or any school), it's YOUR responsibility to know your laws. The school employee's do not have to tell you the laws.


  1. I think it is VERY Important to know your state laws.

  2. Great post. This is very important information for home schooling families. HSLDA is really so critical to us home schoolers. Though it may seem like things are going well, and you don't have any problems, this organization is great insurance. Not only will they support and defend you, they are doing wonderful work on behalf of homeschoolers all over the world. The freedoms and joys we take for granted in home schooling didn't just happen. Pioneer home schoolers and commited HSLDA folks have made it happen.


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