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July 23, 2009

First MN; Now IL: Grass Spiders

Margaret in Minnesota @ Minnesota Mom posted pictures this week some "spider webs" in her grass. It just so happen that today I happened to see similar webs in my yard. In the course of snapping the pictures I even saw a small cricket type animal hop on the web and a spider jump out of nowhere to get it. Let's just say these grass spiders do indeed move very fast! I wasn't able to catch the movement or spider on camera. It disappeared as fast as it appeared.

Below are the pictures of the webs that I found in my yard.


  1. freaking - I do not like spiders. In our backyard there is concrete and a pool. Black widows love to hang out in the cracks along the fence or the boulders in the pool.. Once a week - I have to go on a "widow expedition" it takes about 1 full can of bug spray to kill a widow!!!! they are hardy shiny girls!

  2. LOL Kelly! I guess visiting IL or MN would be out of the question. LOL

    Spiders or other bugs don't bug me as long as they are OUTSIDE! In my house is a whole other story!


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