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June 16, 2009

Aquasaurs: Spectacular

Back in Mid-May we had the kids double birthday party. We got our son aquasaurs and our daughter meat-eating plants. Both were kits. For the aquasaurs we were given eggs and for the plants we were given seeds. Of course seeds take time to grow, so were weren't expecting instant results. With the aquasaurs we were expecting to see little aquasaurs in 1-3 days.

When you set up the aquasaur kit you use 1/2 of the eggs. So we put in the first 1/2 waited about 6 days and after seeing NO results we added the other 1/2 and waited 6 days still no results. We figured we got a bad set of eggs and told the DS I would order more eggs to try again when I order DD her caterpillars. (She also got a butterfly kit for her Birthday).

Well I haven't order new eggs yet and I haven't clean out the aquasaur tank. It's been on my to do list. Well just now DS noticed that he has an aquasaur in his tank! I have no idea how long it's been there! So I'm not sure if it's going to "live" much longer of if we have killed it with shock! As soon as we noticed him we removed some of the icky water and put in fresh water. We also added a small bit of food. Like I said we don't know how long he's been there!

We should have seen movement and animals the first week of June and like I said we saw nothing then. So now with it being mid June who knows. Maybe they hatched and we just couldn't tell. Or maybe this one is a late bloomer! LOL. I'm just glad that I didn't clean out the tank now. LOL

Either way we know he's here now and perhaps we shouldn't have wrote them off so soon! For my DS sake I hope this little aquasaur that DS named Spectacular will live for a few more days at least!!! Below is a video of the little aquasaur narrated by me. (So for all those that have been wanting to hear my voice now you can LOL)

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