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September 4, 2009

A little laughter: Kids say...

The last few posting on the blog have been a little heavy: Superstar's toe walking and political things etc. One of things I want to mention is what Superstar told the nurse yesterday while at the POS's office.

As you know it's standard procedure for the nurse to call you back into the examine room. It's also standard procedure for the nurse to weight the patient, get the patient's height (if needed), ask general question: Do you have pain, discomfort etc?

Well one of the questions the nurse asked Superstar is if his tummy has been upset. Superstar paused and responded "sometimes". I than right away said "It has? Why haven't you told Mommy your tummy has been upset/hurting?" The nurse probed some more into why his tummy has been hurting, etc. Well here's what he told her: Lack of food!

Yep that's right Superstar told the nurse that his tummy has been hurting because of lack of food! She was puzzled and didn't really understand what Superstar meant by that, so she was looking at me for answers. I responded with "In other words he's hungry".  She said oh and asked Superstar if that was true and he said yes. She then said Sorry buddy, I don't got anything....

I just want to crawl into a hole with that one liner! My gosh why would you say lack of food! I played it cool, I think, but my gosh, lack of food! Honestly, I feed them, we don't suffer from lack of food.

Over dinner, when daddy was home, we discussed what Superstar said. It was brought up by you won't believe what he told the nurse. (Not in a negative way of course) We all had a laugh about it. Then I explained how if someone hears "lack of food" they may take it to mean that there is no food to eat or that you may not get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc. That you really don't have any food.

Superstar then said, I didn't mean that. We have food, I was just telling the nurse that sometimes my tummy is upset when my hungry. I said I know and that's normal for your tummy to be upset when it's hungry, she was asking if it gets upset because it may be sick or for other reasons. Superstar just said "OH!!"

~~lack of food~~why, why, why.

The other thing he did that was funny, that had the POS medical assistant laughing was Superstar and Web-princess were standing at the examine table playing with one of the toys. It was some magnet thing. They were playing nicely together I might add. Their backs were to the POS and to his assistant. The POS said to Superstar let me have a look at your feet again. You would think that Superstar would stop playing at that moment and would sit on the table so the POS could have a look.

No that's not what he did. He just lifted his leg so that his foot was behind him, as if to say okay here's the foot, and just went on playing with the sister. I just rolled my eyes, and the POS assistant just laughed. The POS said, "Well you get what you ask for", then he proceeded to tell Superstar that he needed him to stop playing for the moment and to sit up on the table.


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