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June 10, 2009

It's Artificial Air!

Sometimes the kids say the darnedest things! This one had me in stitches! DD is 7 and DS will be 8. This conversation took place in the car today on the way to the park. Not only were we in the car, but they were playing with some bubble wrap. (popping the bubbles).

DS: Mom how do they make bubble wrap.

I gave him my explanation which basically is there are two sheets of plastic one with cup and one without and they fuse the sheets together trapping the air inside the cup making a bubble. I really don't know if that is how it's made but I'm sure I'm not to far off of the truth.
DD: That's bad
ME: Why is that bad?
DD: It's trapping the air and we need the air to breath
DS: It's not bad, there's lots of air. It's okay
ME: It really is okay, it's no different then blowing up a balloon.

I had to throw that out there, it seems to me like a logical comparison.
DD: It is different! You fill a balloon with artificial air!
ME: No, that's not artificial air.
DD: Yes it is!! You breathe in air and blow out artificial air! See! She proceeded to give an example of breathing. In air out artificial air.

She then explained on how it's okay to fill things like balloons with this artificial air, but not okay to trap real air for bubble wrap. DS is taking all of this in. I'm laughing, he's listening. So...
DS: It's okay sis, just pop all of the bubbles and the air will come out!

LOL Okay now I'm truly in stitches! DD is worried about real air being trapped and DS is tell her to pop all of the bubbles to let the air out! LOL

So just remember you breathe in real air and breathe out artificial air. I'm sure her statement had to with some basic knowledge of how we breath in air and breath out carbon dioxide and how plant take in carbon dioxide and release air.


  1. HA HA!! I love it.
    Breath in real air and breath out artificial air. That is so precious.
    I also like the fact that your son wanted to make her feel better by letting her know that she could release all the real air. That is a great brother. ;)
    Have a great day!!

  2. :) I know my kids are so cute!!! I'm really glad that you all have enjoyed this!!!

  3. Aren't kids just great?! Thanks for posting that!



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