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June 9, 2009

Boys Deodorant

As many of my faithful followers and subscribers know my DS is going to be 8 in a few weeks (days). This might seem like I'm jumping the gun here, but as we all know everyone is different!!

So the last few days I've noticed that my DS has got some BO going on. Nothing "horrible", but enough for this mom to noticed, especially when he's hugging on me. At first I just chucked it up as him needed a bath, but even after that I'm still noticing a slight and I mean slight order. Could it be? Already at 8? Okay, not 8, but when? My mind wonder these things! It was time for a google search!!

Well I learned that boys can start puberty as YOUNG as 9 (and the girls can start as YOUNG as 8). Okay first I had to wrap my head around that as young as 9 (boys) and 8 (girls). Did I mention that mine were 8 and 7!! One year from now? Really? What?? I also learned that BO can happen BEFORE puberty. So, DS has BO at 8....I guess it can be "normal". Young but normal. One thing my DH said to me (he's so wise) is that deodorant has nothing to do with the "birds and bees". So we don't have to go there just because we are dealing with BO.

During my google search I also learned at this young age that it's better to use a plain deodorant. No antiperspirant, just deodorant. We found one today that is all natural, not that I was looking for all natural, it just the market for "teen" or "pre-teen" boys is basically non-existent. DS didn't like the musk, sport, or any of the other "men" smells in all the "men" stuff. What we got yesterday is Tom's Natural Deodorant. DS liked the smell of it, so that's what matters. My boy is growing up!!

We will save the birds and bee talk for when DS gets older. Just one hurdle at a time! Today BO and hygiene tomorrow the birds, bees, and girls! LOL


  1. Boys smell! I have 2 ages 10 & 18 and They did start to get that "manly smell" at about 8-10 years old. My 10 year old has been using his "scent cover" for a while now and I agree a bath just isn't enough. And on a hot day.....stand back.lol

    They are sweet though.

  2. Thanks Becky for the reply and laugh! It's nice to hear that I'm not the only mom with young boys that have BO! :) Yes boys are sweet! And my DS is no exception (if I do say so myself) LOL Just because I'm curious what is your DSs using for "scent cover". Especially the 10 year old.

  3. My blessed daughter has been wearing deodorant since about 5 years old. Now at 9 she has "nubbies" and needs a training bra. And she has hair in those spots so get ready it's coming. LOL

  4. I've read reports that kids are hitting puberty earlier and earlier. Thanks JustLocs for sharing your story with us.


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