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June 21, 2009

Toe Walking

My son is a toe walker! He always has been, and with him being 8 today, I'm starting to get concern about it. Actually I have been concerned for a while now, but I haven't been successful in getting my doctor to take me seriously. This year however I'm going to get the doctor to take me seriously! At least that is my plan!

I'm not sure why he is a toe walker. I personally have ruled out autism. Toe walking at times can be a sign of autism. I've read enough about autism to be confident that is not what is the cause of my son's toe walking. Not only has DS continue to toe walk all these years, but he has now starting to become clumsy and awkward in his walking and running.

I have over the years have mention my concern to the the Dr. However he has never taken me seriously. At every yearly physical I have mention that I'm concern and at every yearly physical I get told "He'll out grow it". Well he's 8 today and still hasn't out grown it and as a matter of fact it seems to be getting worst. DS is walking higher and higher on his toes. Not only that but when walking I'm starting to notice that he is walking with his toes turned into each other. He never did this before! DH told me that if our Dr won't take us seriously this year that we will just have to get a second opinion. However I'm not sure what kind of Dr. to go to for a second opinion. I know that our family Dr. really can't do anything for him. I'm sure that we will have to see a specialist. However, I'm hoping and praying that my Dr. will take us seriously so that we can get the referral to a specialist.

Not only do I want my Dr to take me seriously, but I hoping that it's not to late to for non-surgical options! The pictures I took of my son's feet is how they are all the time. This is what it is like when he stands, walks, runs, etc. It doesn't matter if he's shoeless or with shoes on he is always on his toes like the pictures here. Please pray that my Dr. takes me seriously when we see him July 17. Also pray that we have non-surgical options available to us. I really would hate to see my son have to have surgery because I failed him all these year. Failed to get a Dr. that would take us seriously.


  1. I will pray for your son and for the doctor to help with a solution. This must be very frustrating for you and your son.

  2. His problem has to do with the tendon in the back of the foot. a doctor will have to stretch it. My friend's son had the same problem.

  3. Thank-you, Anonymous for your input.

  4. Wow, I'm really surprised that your doc hasn't taken this more seriously long before now. It must be frustrating. I hope you quickly get answers for your son.

  5. becomewhatyouare- I am too, especially after everything I have read for the last several months. I just know that if he tells me again when we see in a few weeks that "he'll out grow it" I'm not going to except that as an answer.

  6. My son (5yo) also toe walks and always have. People often comment on his perfectly defined calves :-) Our peadiatrician is concerned about it and very emphatic about excercising and stretching, the tendons and calf muscle. Otherwise, he says DS will have to have injections of some sort (I think it is BOTOX). We see a physiotherapist every few months to keep track and give me ideas for exercises. When DS has a growth spurt, it gets worse until we stretch it all out again. The stretching doesn't stop the toewalking, but it does ensure that it isn't caused by tendons/muscles that are too tight.

  7. Andrea-Thank-you for your comment!


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