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May 16, 2009

Kids and techonology

If your kids are anything like mine having all those electronics is a huge deal. They want the PS2 (or 3), Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, laptops (of their own), cell phones, digital cameras (of their own), PDA, the list goes on and on. Many of the things that my kids wanted were just not affordable for us. So what's a mom to do? After all it's their B-day. (Well DD was last month and DS is next month, but we are celebrating their B-day today at the local children's museum.

Well I went to our local toysrus store and starting hunting. I found these things called ichat text messengers. They are text messengers, alarm clocks, calculators, schedulers, and walkie talkies. They also hold things like telephone numbers. I try to find the ones I bought on toysrus website, but I was not able to. The cost was $25 for the pair. Here are the kids sitting on the couch texting each other.

Now they do not use the web or anything like that. They can only text each other! However the kids LOVE them! They call them their PDA. We really don't know what the range on the texting is, but the walkie talkie range is pretty good. Good being it didn't seem to matter where they were in the yard they could hear each other. (Keep in mind we have an 1/2 acre lot)

DS also asked for goldfish! I really didn't want to go that route but for $20 I found Aquasaurs! I'm sure you remember sea monkeys... Aquasaurs are a long those lines. The kit came with eggs that we get to hatch and watch grow. They based on the picture on the box kinda look like goldfish so DS was impressed!

DD loves plants. So I got her Carnivorous Creations. It also was about $20. With Carnivorous Creations you get to grow meat-eating plants. She's so excited about this as well. We set it up today, but have to keep some of the seeds in the refrigerator for the next 6 weeks. Weird I know, but that's what the instructions told us to do.

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