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June 23, 2009

Heat Wave = No School

We have a bit of a Heat Wave here and with NO air conditioning it's a little sticky! Thus it's "hard" to focus on school work! So we've decided not to do school for the next few weeks so we can get pass this heat wave!


  1. Good thinking!
    Break out that water hose and some freeze pops!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would but DH broke our outside water faucet. I won't humiliate him with the details, but I will say that it's not wise to use the hose in the dead of winter. LOL. Anyway we went to the beach. sand, water, toys. A good time! We just got back from being out there for like 5 hours.

  3. Who said "Sprinkler time!"

  4. when it gets hot we often get up early and ride bikes and skate etc then come home get in the pool until lunch then retreat inside and do math and spelling while the heat is at its most intense. Then its time to go out and nith and catch lighening bugs.

    stay cool.


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