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February 2, 2009

Oops!! I did it again. I...

Okay it really wasn't me. It was DD and yes she did it again. The first time was Saturday Morning at breakfast and again today at dinner. Both times it happened while she was eating her food.

In the course of the meal we hear the shirk, "MY TOOTH!!!". We all turn to my DD and say "What about your tooth?". My DD replies "I swallowed it!!!"

Just so we are clear she swallowed one tooth Saturday while eating breakfast and she just swallowed a second while eating dinner tonight. The first time I wasn't all that worried, after all my DS had done that as well and he was fine, but now with the second one I'm a little more concern. Seeing it's most likely the first one hasn't passed yet? Or has it? How long does it take for those things to pass?

I have no idea why she's swallowing her teeth, other then the fact that she 6 (almost 7) and it's normal for them at that age to loose their teeth. Loose them yes, but swallow them!!!

In the course of this I had an Freudian slip! Of course things got in an uproar with DD swallowing another tooth. So I was trying to get her to settle down and finish her dinner, seeing there really isn't much we can do about her swallowed tooth. (I'm a little worried now, but again not much I can do, right?). So I'm trying to get her to settle down and I say "Now sit down and eat your teeth!!!"

LOL I told her to eat her teeth. Freud would have been so proud! LOL

Should I be worried seeing she has now swallowed 2 teeth within 3 days one on Saturday Morning and one today just a few hours ago at dinner?? Oh and what am I going to do with her??

One of the first things DH did this evening after she swallow her tooth was to check her mouth for any more loose teeth. He told her we don't need you swallowing any more of them. LOL

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  1. WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA...sit down and eat your teeth...WAAA HA HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!



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